Ford 6.0L Fuel Pressure Location

Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Fuel Pressure gauge source location.  Picture is taken from the drivers side of the engine compartment. Notice intercooler pipe above. In this image a metric adapter (M12x1.5) is used to connect our 24" S.S. Braided Fuel Pressure Hose to the fuel source.  This Fuel Pressure Hose is routed to an isolator.  If an electric fuel pressure gauge is used, there is no need for the hose.  The sender will just screw into an adapter.  If a mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauge is used a stainless steel braided hose can be attached to the adapter.  This is only one method for obtaining a fuel pressure source.  Also available is a replacement billet fuel filter cap with a threaded 1/8"NPT sender port, part #: DM-BCF60PSD