Gauge Installation on a Ford Powerstroke

This is a look at the proper location for drilling and tapping for the boost gauge on a 6.0L if the "T" fitting installation isn't desired.  This location for the boost gauge eliminates the rattling noise sometimes associated with boost gauges on the 6.0L Powerstroke.  A 90 degree compression fitting is used in this application.  Thread size is 1/8"NPT.  Requires a size "R" drill bit (0.339" or 21/64"). Refer to the tap for the exact size (most have it printed on their shank).  
Torque Spec. for the 4 bolts on the intake elbow is 23 ft. lbs.
NOTE: If you don't have this 90 Fitting, you can still use the straight fitting that comes with most tubing kits.  Simply drill/tap at the 11 O'clock position in this image (above the upper L bolt)