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Ford Fuel Injectors

Dynomite Diesel 40 HP Stage 1 Fuel Injector Set
for Early 1994-1997 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

Dynomite Diesel Performance 7.3 Liter Ford injectors are engineered to give you optimum power and increased fuel mileage. With the average 7.3L injector needing rebuild at around 125K, why not add some extra power at the same time.  Whether you tow or Hot Rod your truck, DDP Injectors are the answer to reliable power.

These injectors are brand new modified Alliant Power injectors. They will give you about 40 horsepower at the wheels. You can use these with a stock turbo and even on a completely stock truck. If you install these injectors and you already have a chip or downloader, you will not get the full advertised horsepower. You will likely get closer to 25hp. If you are looking for more, please see the stage 2 set.

In most cases mileage will increase 1-2 mpg and sometimes even more depending on the condition of your current injectors. Please allow some time for the excitement to wear off before calculating mileage.

Core Charges
A core charge of $1200.00/set will be charged to your credit card with your order.
CORE POLICY- Injector body and or nozzle cracking/splitting is common due to the various performance products on the market. DMI's core value refund is NOT a guarantee. The refund is based on the inspection of the injectors. If you have any questions on this policy please call us prior to ordering. In most cases we can give you a good indication if your cores could be damaged over the phone. All cores must be returned within 30 days otherwise the core charge is forfeited.

1 year unlimited mileage warranty. Warranty excludes abuse, fuel contamination, improper install or misapplication.


Dynomite Diesel Performance 75HP Stage 1 Fuel Injectors for 1994-1997 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
Part #: DDP-9497AAPSD  Price $2950.00 + 1200.00 Core Charge



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