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We have three methods of placing your order. You may use the secure online shopping cart, call in your order at 603-497-2281, or use our printable
Order Form and fax it to 603-497-3783.  For your convenience we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.  We also accept money orders, certified checks, and personal checks for mail-in and faxed orders.  Please allow an additional 2 weeks for all personal checks to clear.  If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, you expressly authorize your account to be electronically debited or bank drafted for the amount of the check plus any applicable fees. The use of a check for payment is your acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy and its terms and conditions.

You will never pay sales tax when shopping at DieselManor! We operate in the tax free state New Hampshire. We are not required to collect sales taxes or use tax on deliveries throughout the US.
Your purchase will be totally tax free.

This site does not automatically charge your credit card.  We will do it manually when your order ships.

You will notice a status bar at the top of the checkout pages. This will indicate at what step you are at in the process.

Every purchase at is secure.  When you add an item to your cart, you will be brought to the "View Cart" page.  From there you have the option to continue shopping or checkout.  If you click the "Continue Shopping" button you can always go back to the "View Cart" page by simply clicking on the "View Cart" button at the upper right corner of any page.  By clicking on the "Checkout Now" button from the "View Cart" page, you will be taken to the secure side of our shopping cart. The security features are automatic and you don't need to do anything special to invoke them.  Our site makes use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and 128-bit strong encryption to provide the highest level of security available. 

Making a Positive Identification
After you click the "Checkout Now" button, your browser looks for a digital certificate to confirm that it is communicating with  Once a positive ID is made, your order continues.  We use VeriSign encryption software to enable the use of a digital certificate.  For your security, the verification process happens in the background every time you place an order on our site.  You can click on the VeriSign logo at the bottom of this page to verify that is a VeriSign secure site. 

Entering Secure Mode
Next, your computer and our server begin encrypted communication in "secure mode"  At this point you may see a window similar to the one at right.  Some browsers will display this when you are about to receive a secure document.  It's fine to click the "OK" button (or "Continue") to proceed  it simply means that you will begin receiving pages in a highly secure and encrypted format.

After your browser has entered secure mode, you will be directed to the Ship To page.  This is where you will enter your shipping address.  After entering all of your shipping information, click the "Continue Order" button and you will be brought to the Shipping Method page. 

This is where you get to choose the type of shipping service you would like.  More more information on our shipping policy please
click here

By clicking the "Continue Order" button again, you will be taken to the Bill To page.  Here is where you will enter all of your credit card information.  If your credit card billing address (the place where your credit card statement is mailed) is different from your shipping address, you must enter that address here.  Our merchant account will verify that billing address matched the credit card number you provided.  If there is a discrepancy your order will not be processed.

By clicking the "Continue Order" button you will be brought to the Place Order page.  This is where you get to verify all of your shipping and billing information.  If you notice a problem with the information on this page you can simply click the back button on your browser to go back and make the necessary changes.  If everything is acceptable, simply click the "Submit Order" one more time and your order will be placed.  You will receive an email confirmation within 5 minutes.  If you do not receive a the email conformation please check your junk email folder.  If your junk email/SPAM blocker setting in your email software is set to medium or high, you may not even see the automated/auto generated email confirmation in your junk email folder.  Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also have "advanced" SPAM filters and may see the format of our email conformation as undesirable.  It is possible that your ISP has blocked the email from getting to you entirely.  This is beyond our control.  If you are in doubt you can always call or email us to inquire about your order status.  Please reference your Order ID number.

The next page that will be displayed is the Order Complete page.  Here you can print up a copy of your order.  Once again, our web site does not charge your credit card.  We will do that manually when we process your order. 

Viewing Security
The most popular Web browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator, use visual symbols to let you know whether or not they are in secure mode.  These symbols are displayed either at the bottom left or bottom right of your browser window.  You can refer to the following chart to see which symbols are used with your browser.

Browser Standard (Non-Secure) Symbol Secure Symbol
Internet Explorer None

Another indication that a browser is in secure mode can be found in the Web site address that your browser displays.  The address will begin "http://" in standard, (non-secure) mode and "https://" in secure mode. The "s" signifies "secure."

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30-5 EST

For our Holiday Schedule please
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