About us

Diesel Manor is an online portal founded in 2020 by Tom Schaffer and we are here to answer all your queries on everything to do with cars.. 


If you love your car and care for it, there are two things you absolutely must do- accessorize it well and keep it well maintained. For a regular person, understanding all the technical jargon related to car accessories can be difficult and that is where we come in. 

Diesel Manor has a large variety of buyer guides on a wide range of topics, from engine coolants to car wax. These guides will help you understand any car-related product or service in detail without having to do any painstaking research on your own. . We believe that if you treat your car well, it will provide sturdy and reliable service for a long time.

What we do

On this website, you will find numerous buyer guides in which we basically review some of the best products available in the market and also include useful sections like important factors to consider, FAQs, etc. Alongside such guides, we also offer informative articles on a range of topics; that will guide you to fix parts of the car or use a certain tool. These work to give you a holistic understanding of the market and will help you figure out what meets the requirements of your own car.

About the Founder

Tom Schaffer, a mechanical engineer from the University of Windsor, founded this website in 2020. The man has been fond of cars and everything related to them from a very early age when he used to watch his elder brother fix up their car. After graduation, Schaffer worked in various firms as a consultant. 

This is when he noticed how most of the customers buying cars were completely unaware of the essential elements of a car and how to take good care of them. They simply called in a mechanic to help out if something went wrong. Nobody thought of taking preventive measures to protect their cars from damage, or that they could fix it themselves. 

Motivated by the need to help people build on their knowledge of car accessories and essentials required to maintain their car, Schaffer founded Diesel Manor. With the help of a few other enthusiasts, he was able to design a website that guided people in the same. 

Meet Our Contributor

Meet our prolific writer who crafts all the articles you read on Diesel Manor- Pete O. Dunkin, a 23-year-old graduate from the University of Wisconsin, USA. Pete majored in English but just like Schaffer, he has always had a special interest in machines and their inner workings. He has some experience in research and uses it to find valuable and credible information on car accessories.  

While Pete has worked as a content writer for other firms, what drew him to Diesel Manor was the range of topics he had the opportunity and freedom to work with. He has written several articles on subjects like car care, car electronics, car audio, exterior accessories, interior accessories, and car tools. Machines were his passion and now he has turned that passion into a profession at Diesel Manor.

Apart from machines, Pete has an interest in literature as well as music. When he is not working, you will find him reading a book or nodding along to some jazz tunes. 

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