Best Android Car Stereos 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Tom Schaffer
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November 18, 2020
1. Binize 10 Inch
  • Fits for All Universal 2Din Cars
  • WIFI hotspot & GPS Navigation
  • FM radio & Bluetooth
  • Steering wheel control camera
2. SWM 7 Inch
  • High Resolution
  • Mirrorlink and Navigation
  • 7-Color backlight
  • Bluetooth hands-free call
  • Steering wheel control camera
3. Eonon 10 Inch
  • Built-in Apple Car Auto Play
  • Gorgeous IPS Display
  • Backup & Dash Cam
  • Real time navigation GPS

For most people, listening to music while driving is an entertaining way to pass the time. To do that, you'd need a robust car audio system, and for that, you should get a high-quality android car stereo.

Moving beyond traditional car stereo systems, the android systems are considered to be convenient as they allow wireless connection via Bluetooth. Whether you want music while driving, enjoying a road trip, or on a picnic with friends, you need a good sound system. And with Android car stereos, it will be no trouble fitting them on the car’s dashboard.

Before you make a decision, you need to properly consider all the options available in the market currently. So here is a compiled list of the best android car stereo.

Top 20 Best Android Car Stereos 2021 Reviews

1. Binize Double Din Touch Screen Multimedia Radio

Binize Best Android Car Stereo

This product is a 10 inch Android head unit with a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB/32GB flash memory. These specifications ensure little lag, and overall, the performance is smooth and responsive. Also, the 10.1 touch screen display, along with high-resolution 1024x600, gives an amazing visual experience.

The sound is great. The device has a Bluetooth function that supports hands-free calling, a built-in microphone, audio stream music, etc. The dual-zone function supports navigating while playing music at the same time. So you don’t need to switch between GPS navigation and music play constantly.

You can access the most popular online maps such as Google Map, Waze, IGO, Sygic, etc. The screen is large, offers bright visuals, and is of high-quality, and especially at this price range, it’s a lot. It has a built-in FM radio, and you can play music via Bluetooth. Bluetooth controls are also provided, such as yes/play/previous/next.

It also saves calling records: dialed, received, and missed calls. One very convenient and useful feature is the steering wheel control. There are buttons on the steering wheel to easily change radio channels, switch songs, and adjust the volume.

Not only convenient, but this also promotes safety while driving. Many customers expressed hesitancy before purchasing because of its low price. However, they were very impressed with the top tier quality it brings. It is surely one of the best android car stereos.


2. SWM 7" Car Stereo Touch Screen Car Audio Receiver

SWM 7 Car Stereo

This is a 7-inch double din high-resolution car stereo system. The Bluetooth and microphone functions allow you to answer calls, listen to music and watch videos from devices with Bluetooth function. This is a great touch screen product with an amazing sensitivity to touch- absolutely worth the investment.

You can also take phone calls hands-free through the Bluetooth function. It also supports FM Radio, and one remote control is provided in the package. When you’re not using the touch screen, you can access the device through the remote control.

The sound is impressive, and the device has a dial that lets you shift the sound to a preferred spot in the vehicle. It has night vision and LED lights for clear visuals in the dark. It also supports steering wheel control, where the steering wheel buttons ensure easy switching between various functions.

The stereo supports Android and iPhone mirror links and navigation. The stereo itself actually isn’t a GPS unit; it gets navigation function by connecting to a phone. It also supports USB, AUX-IN, TF Card (up to 32G), video player, and music player. You can also use it to charge smart devices.

A user manual is included in the package, which will be helpful for set up directions. This stereo provides stable and powerful performance, all at such a fair price. This is truly one of the best android car stereos.


3. 2021 Eonon Double Din Car Stereo

2020 Eonon Double Din Car Stereo

Eonon is a Chinese company well-known for producing high-quality and unique technology and in-car entertainment products. All the products are meticulously designed and crafted by their R&D team, keeping high standards in mind.

This stereo has many new features and is equipped with the latest technology. For instance, it is powered by the latest Android 10 system known for its efficiency. This new system ensures that users of this stereo get a responsive and realistic experience.

There is a huge choice of apps from games to music, which you can download at lightning speed. This stereo is equipped with the Digital Sound Field Processing (DSP), which features the digital processing chip and 56-bit double-precision mode. The latter is powerful and functions as an adjuster of the audio signal. The sound is more realistic and immersive, as it also supports MAX output power 4x45 W.

Despite being an Android device, it is perfectly compatible with iPhone 5 and later versions. After connecting, you can do a variety of things like calling, sending, and receiving messages, GPS directions, etc. You can do all these with a verbal command or touch without taking your eyes off the road.

This stereo has a huge IPS Display that is a whopping size of 10.1 inches. Its display gives you a wonderful experience, offering vivid and accurate graphics. With this stereo, you won’t need to worry about getting lost in the middle of nowhere as Google Maps, Waze, etc. are compatible.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Android car stereos.


4. Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo

Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo

Hikity is a company that produces high-quality technology and entertainment products that meet market standards. These products are formulated to ensure that your driving experience is entertaining, fun, and wholesome. This product, Hikity 10.1 inch Android Car Stereo, is a testament to the high standards of Hikity’s technology.

This car stereo is fairly large, with its dimensions 180x75x70 mm. This device allows for Bluetooth connectivity- to play your playlists or listen to podcasts from phone. You can also listen to FM Radio to get the latest news updates while driving.

With this stereo, you can talk to someone on call hands-free without getting disturbed while driving. This minimizes the risks of accidents as it keeps you focused on the crucial task. It also allows you to play music and enjoy your driving.

As soon as WiFi gets connected, GPS Navigation can be used to reach the desired destinations safely and fast. This device allows users to delete redundant apps or install new ones, just like a smartphone. The feature, the Support Mirror link, will enable you to watch the rearview mirror after connecting with a phone camera.

It can be replaced within a total of 12 months. Technical support is available for a lifetime. With a whopping list of great features, it deserves a spot among the best android car stereos.


5. Binize 7 Inch HD Double Din Touchscreen Android Car Stereo

Binize 7 Inch HD Double Din Touchscreen Android Car Stereo

Binize is a company founded in China, which specializes in the production of car electronics technology. It is committed to providing the best quality car electronics to consumers to ensure a pleasant experience for its users.

This stereo is powered by the latest Android operating system, which has new features like DDR3 2GB RAM and 16 GB Flash Memory. These new features are responsible for its efficient and smooth response. This stereo has a huge size of 7 inches, which offers a larger area for working.

Its screen is activated by touch and has an incredibly high resolution of 1024x600P. This allows users to have incredible viewing experiences. However, it scores brilliantly in the audio arena as well.

This stereo has an in-built Bluetooth hands-free calling feature, which makes calling while driving simultaneously easier. You can jam to your playlists and make your trips, long or short, pleasant, fun-filled ones. You can also use FM Radio for listening to podcasts and news updates.

With this stereo, you can see the rear image displayed on the MP5 screen to ensure no unwanted mishaps and collisions. Both online and offline navigation through GPS is available on this device. However, if it’s offline, make sure you download the offline map before your trip. Browsing online on apps available on Google Playstore can be done on this stereo.

Hence, this is one of the best android car radios in the market currently.


6. Atoto A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

Atoto A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

ATOTO is a major Android car stereo brand founded in 2015 that strives to provide high-quality car electronics. In terms of manufacturing, they focus on car electronics products, such as OEM and universal android car multimedia, accessories, etc. The ATOTO A6 is one of the best android car stereos with a very vibrant display that’s 14% brighter than average android car stereos.

The display is so impressive that the text on Google Maps has amazing clarity. You can easily read other things, such as emails or a PDF file. The touchscreen is very responsive too, and you don’t have to apply too much pressure. The video quality is excellent for streaming or YouTube and plays just like a small laptop or tablet.

It boots up super fast, with ATOTO boasting that the system can be accessed in less than 2 seconds. Operating a car stereo while driving can be dangerous. So the A6 has been customized to offer up to 23 frequently used functions, which can be accessed via steering wheel key control.

The WiFi reception and the built-in microphone on this device work really well. The sound quality is impressive, quite a lot better than other android car stereos in the market. There’s a built-in equalizer with several presets such as natural, flat, pop, rock, etc.

You can’t really change how the sound travels inside your car as you can’t alter seats or move the speakers. So the equalizer helps to cut, boost, or adjust specific ranges of frequencies. The GPS antenna is accurate and reliable, and you can even use navigation without the internet. You can do this by downloading offline map data on your pre-installed Google Maps.


7. Junsun Android 10 Car Stereo

Junsun Android 10 Car Stereo

Junsun company manufactures various car electronic systems such as GPS navigators, car DVDs, and several car accessories. This product- Junsun Android 10 Car Stereo is a 7-inch touchscreen device with a display that’s easy to read and operate. With a 32GB ROM 2GB RAM, the stereo has a large internal memory.

So with this, you can easily save your entire favorite playlist and also store many important data. The large memory is great because the more storage capacity, the more the stereo can run smoothly. The WiFi function enables you to access the internet to check weather reports, live news, and play online songs/videos.

The GPS navigation is accurate with not just online navigation but also with an offline map capacity via the GPS SD card. There are also steering wheel control buttons to change radio channels, adjust volume, etc. This makes the driving experience so much more safe and convenient.

The Bluetooth feature also allows you to make hands-free calls to stay connected even while driving. You can also see caller information on the screen so you can make informed decisions on whether to answer or not. The stereo also supports mirror linking through which you can access your phone’s screen on your car stereo’s screen. FM Radio is also supported.

USB connectivity is great. You can plug in an external hard drive using a USB port, allowing you to access many more music, movies, etc. The ATOTO A6 can definitely be included in the list of the best android car stereos.


8. Pumpkin 10.1 Inch Android 10 Car Stereo

Pumpkin 10.1 Inch Android 10 Car Stereo

The PUMPKIN Android 10 car stereo is a very recent 2020 model that offers a 10.1-inch display. The android single din stereo with a touchscreen can easily fit most cars. It has a full HD resolution of 1024x600, which ensures clear and sharp visuals. The clarity of the text on the screen is impressive.

The 2GB RAM enables a very smooth running of the device without much lag. GPS navigation is very reliable, and it supports both online and offline maps. High-quality radio is offered for FM/AM/RDS. Hands-free calls is another useful feature worth noting as it ensures safe driving.

The built-in microphone works well with the hands-free call feature. The stereo also provides steering wheel control buttons through which you can change songs, adjust volume, etc. It also has a free WiFi antenna for excellent signal reception.

The touchscreen feature is great, and the flexible screen with angle adjustments is so convenient. With the screen mirroring feature, you can view and control your phone through your car stereo screen.

Overall, this car stereo is a valuable product worth buying, especially given the reasonable price. It is safe to say the PUMPKIN 10.1 inch Android 10 car stereo is one of the best android car radios.


9. Corehan Android 10 with 7 inch Touch Screen

Corehan Android 10 with 7 inch Touch Screen

Corehan is a company founded in 2010 that produces android car stereo systems and other car entertainment equipment. The Corehan Android 10 has a 7-inch display with a touchscreen feature. This is the latest 2020 model and is equipped with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

The screen is very responsive. The stereo supports various channels through which you can access music and videos such as Bluetooth, USB drive, micro SD card. The Double Din car stereo supports Bluetooth hands-free, calling for a safer driving experience.

The stereo also supports steering wheel control, rearview camera input, and FM/AM radio with RDS. The built-in GPS module and an external GPS antenna ensure both online and offline map navigation. Even without any signal or internet, you can rely on your android car stereo to lead you to your destination.

The double din car stereo is compatible with most of the navigation apps in Google Play Store. With the mirror-link feature, you’ll be able to see your phone screen be displayed on the stereo screen. You can then watch your phone’s mini videos on the larger screen of the car stereo without data transfer.

Also, another impressive thing is that it supports video output on two monitors. So it means that both the front and rear row passengers can have access to videos in the car. It also supports the operation of two programs on the screen simultaneously. The Corehan Android 10 truly is one of the best android car stereos.


10. Vanku Android 10 Car Stereo Double Din

Vanku Android 10 Car Stereo Double Din

Vanku has had a long presence in the market for car stereos and other entertainment products. It has maintained a strong reputation for its high-quality stereos, which have an optimal combination of great features.

This car stereo is driven by the latest Android 10 double din car stereo. It’s also powered by the high-performance Rockchip PX6 3399 64bit processor and a mixture of 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. These features help provide users with faster speed and enhanced productivity, which makes multitasking easier.

This stereo has been updated with new hands-free calling and music streaming features. These ensure a smooth experience of conversing with people while driving without any distractions. Its NXP6686 Radio IC is perfect for listening to podcasts or news updates due to its impressive AM/FM/RDS reception.

This stereo has an impeccable GPS Navigation system that works both offline and online. If it’s offline, remember to pre-load it before heading off. It’s also equipped with an additional WiFi antenna for better reception and signal quality.

The touchscreen of this stereo has a stunning resolution of 1024x600P. SD card and a USB drive of maximum size 64GB are compatible with this stereo. You also have the option to view the rear-view side, providing you with better control on how you move your vehicle.

A user manual is also provided to help you set up or solve problems yourself. Warranty is guaranteed for a maximum of 18 months. Without an inch of doubt, this is one of the best Android car stereos.


11. Corehan Android 10

Corehan Android 10

Corehan has added another new product to its arsenal of car products and accessories. This car stereo is updated with all the latest features, making the user experience a wholesome one.

Powered by the Android 10 system, this car stereo is equipped with a Quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Easily distinguishable from touch keys, the five physical buttons on the stereo make operation smoother and swifter. The head unit of this device can fit perfectly with the structure of different car panels.

This car stereo functions well as a media player. It can be used to listen to songs or watch videos via multiple channels like an SD card, Bluetooth, or USB drive. These work wonders in giving you a delightful experience while driving with friends and loved ones.

This stereo has an impeccable GPS Navigation system with its built-in GPS module. It is equipped with an additional DPS antenna for better signal capacity. Even if you’re in areas with bad signals or connectivity, reaching your destination on time won’t be a problem.

Connecting your stereo with your Android or iOS devices is extremely easy. There is a pre-installed app called EasyConnected, which syncs visuals on the phone screen with your stereo. This intriguing feature allows it to act as a mirror. You can further download more apps for a diverse car experience.

This stereo is definitely one of the most interesting, best Android car stereos.


12. Vanku Android 10 Car Stereo Double Din

Vanku Android 10 Car Stereo Double Din

Vanku’s technology in the realm of car electronics is of top-notch quality in the market. This product is a testament to the robust technology and commitment to Vanku’s endeavors. It has been updated with improved features that deliver optimal performance while using less power.

This stereo can add various shades of experiences to your trips, both long and short. It has an arsenal of 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM for many of your favorite apps and seamless use. This stereo is very simple, convenient, and easy to use.

Connecting this car stereo to the WiFi can be accomplished easily. All your favorite apps like Netflix, Spotify, etc are downloadable on this device, which gives you a great experience. You can check the weather and get regular news updates too.

Its design is of the universal car stereo system, which fits into the central consoles of most cars. Installation is extremely simple since wires are labeled too, and support is provided to users through the mail. With the Android Auto/AutoPlay Feature, you can use your phone via the screen of the car stereo.

This stereo allows users to use the Steering Wheel Control to change track and volume per his/her convenience. RCA type reverse camera input works as well and can be used to reverse screen while the car is in reverse mode. This helps minimize the chances of accidents.

Therefore, this car truly earns a spot among the best Android car radios.


13. Ankeway 10.1 Inch Android 9.1 Car Stereo

Ankeway 10.1 Inch Android 9.1 Car Stereo

Ankeway is an emerging company, reputed for its high-quality car electronics products. This has cemented its good status among consumers in the market currently. This car stereo is a great product that offers a wholesome experience to users.

This stereo provides you a hyper-realistic and immersive experience due to its amazing visuals and audio quality. The sound is of top-notch HiFi quality. On top of that, the stereo screen is impressively huge and is 10.1 inches large.

The visuals in stunning HD quality provide more depth and color to your viewing experience. Watching videos and listening to songs in the best possible way makes your driving trips fun and enjoyable. The overall design and structure are aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

It is not very tough to install and set up. However, if you’re unable to make sense of the user manual, it’s better to ring up a professional electrician. Technical support is available, too, free of cost.

You can get access to a variety of apps, provided you have data or WiFi. You can indulge in hands-free calling while driving at the same time without getting distracted. You get input from the rear-view camera to help you avoid unwanted damages. The Mirror-link feature is also available for the fast interface.

With an impressive list of features, this stereo is truly one of the best Android car radios.


14. Pumpkin Android 10 Car Stereo

Pumpkin Android 10 Car Stereo

PUMPKIN is an actively competing brand in the electronics industry that manufactures, among other things, good quality android car stereos. PUMPKIN strives to bring to consumers fast, responsive stereos with a fantastic sound system. The PUMPKIN Android 10 is a 7-inch car stereo with a 1024x600 HD touchscreen.

The double din car stereo system provides powerful performance with 4GB Ram and 64GB ROM. This ensures a fast speed system, with little lag when you’re multitasking. Also, with 64GB, you needn't worry about installing many apps. The device boots very quickly, too, in one second, after using it for the second time.

It is equipped with radio, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth function and built-in microphone help support hands-free calls so you can stay connected even while on the road. It also has brilliant GPS navigation that supports both online and offline maps.

The PUMPKIN Android 10 supports internet connectivity through WiFi and also via mobile hotspot. The car radio supports multiple channels to access music and videos such as Bluetooth, USB drive, and micro SD card. You can also download your preferred music and video apps from the built-in play store.

It has a mirror-link feature that enables you to smoothly display your phone’s screen on the larger stereo screen. It also supports steering wheel control, which allows you to change songs or adjust the volume. For a good investment in one of the best android car radios, consider the PUMPKIN Android 10 as a worthy contender.


15. Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Radio

Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Radio

The Podofo double din android car stereo offers a 7-inch display with a high-sensitivity touchscreen. As the name suggests, this device fits in the vehicle with a double din slot in the dash. It’s a brilliant multimedia car player that supports playing music, browsing the internet for weather reports, etc., or hands-free calls.

Like most car stereos, it supports steering wheel control for a convenient and safe driving experience. The buttons are for quick shortcut functions, either to change tracks or to adjust the volume. It has a built-in FM with 18 preset stations.

It offers a rearview camera that will automatically change to the HD reverse view while reversing and parking your car. You can opt not to include the camera during your purchase if you don’t want it. The device has a mirror-link feature for iOS; that’s only a one-way mobile phone projection to the machine.

For Android, it supports a two-way mobile phone connection. The mirror-link can be activated via WiFi for iOS and through WiFi or USB cable for Android. The GPS navigation on this car stereo is super precise for both online and offline navigation.

It is compatible with most popular navigation apps in Google Play Store, such as Waze, Google Maps, Sygic, IGO, etc. Overall, this is a well-designed, user-friendly, and highly responsive product. It is for sure one of the best android car radios.


16. Hikity 10.1 Inch Car Stereo with GPS

Hikity 10.1 Inch Car Stereo with GPS

Hikity is a company that manufactures high-quality android car stereos, among various other car electronics and accessories. Their products are designed to ensure an entertaining driving experience while still prioritizing safety and comfort. The Hikity 10.1 inch is an excellent multimedia car player that can easily beat most of the average car stereos in the market.

The stereo supports steering wheel control- a feature that offers shortcut buttons on the wheel for a convenient, safe driving experience. It also supports radio for FM/AM/RDS. It has a built-in Bluetooth that’s great for making hands-free calls, phone book download, and playing music.

You can connect to the built-in WiFi or phone hotspot to download apps, use online navigation, and watch videos online. It also has the mirror-link feature activated by connecting the phone to the unit via WiFI or a USB cable. iOS phones support just a one-way projection to the machine while it's a two-way connection for android phones.

The Hikity 10.1 inch also supports rear-view camera input. With this feature, rear images will automatically display on the car stereo screen when you’re backing the car. This is a very user-friendly stereo that’s easy to set up and offers wonderful sound quality.

One great thing is that customers have expressed praise for the excellent customer service of the team. They also give lifetime technical support, which is marvelous. Overall, this is an all-around impressive product, and especially given the price, it’s surely one of the best android car stereos.


17. Eonon 8 Inch Android 10 Car Radio

Eonon 8 Inch Android 10 Car Radio

Eonon is a popular Chinese company known for manufacturing high-quality car entertainment systems, car accessories, etc. This product, Eonon 8 inch Android 10 car radio, is indeed proof of the company’s high standards. It works brilliantly with little lag and also has the backing of excellent customer service.

The car stereo supports hands-free calling while driving. This ensures a convenient way to talk on the phone while still prioritizing safety. With the powerful Android 10 system, the device works smoothly and is super responsive.

You can also stream Spotify and Pandora from your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy millions of songs. This ensures maximum entertainment while on the road. Navigation can be done both in online and offline modes or by purchasing a map card.

It is compatible with most navigation apps such as Google Maps, Waze, etc. The 8 inch IPS display with 1280x720 high resolution provides clear, vibrant images, offering an overall beautiful viewing experience. The stereo also has a split-screen feature that allows you to run multiple apps at the same time.

This means you can stream Spotify while navigating or browse the internet while you’re listening to the radio, etc. The sound quality is amazing, as well. With this combination of great features, the Eonon Android 10 can definitely be called one of the best android car radios.


18. 2021 Newest Android Car Stereo Android 10

2020 Newest Android Car Stereo Android 10

Eonon is a Chinese company that designs and manufactures some of the best android car stereos in the market currently. Let’s go through a quick overview of its latest 2020 product- the Eonon Android 10 double din car stereo. With a powerful Android 10.0 system, this particular stereo offers a very smooth and responsive user experience.

From music to videos to multiple apps, you’ll find the best entertainment at an even better speed. The Bluetooth 5.0 feature allows you to stream Spotify and Pandora from your phone to enjoy millions of songs at a high sound quality. It also allows you to make hands-free calls even while driving easily.

You can connect your iPhone or Android mobile to your car stereo via the Eonon USB Dongle AO585. The dongle needs to be purchased separately. You can use the smart voice assistant to get directions, send and receive messages, make calls, and listen to music. The car stereo offers you safe and stylish ways to have fun while in the car and stay connected and entertained and yet focused.

Navigation is great and allows both online and offline modes, or you can also purchase a map card. It runs smoothly with popular navigation apps such as Waze, Google Maps, etc. The setup and installation process are easy and straightforward.

The Eonon stereo has an impressive sound quality, with an equalizer that helps fine-tune the audio to your preference. Lastly, one great feature is the split-screen mode, which allows you to run two apps at the same time.

To conclude, the Eonon Android 10 is a great purchase that’s totally worth the investment. According to many customers, the customer service of this brand is outstanding, too, so that’s definitely a bonus.


19. HighSound GPS Navigation For Car

HighSound GPS Navigation For Car

HighSound is a brand that has continuously ramped up its technology and provided consumers with the best. It is one of the leading brands offering a diverse selection of electronics to make your lives easier. This car stereo is a testament to its commitment and high-quality technology.

The screen of this stereo is a highly responsive touch screen that gives you smooth interface. It can accommodate vast amounts of files with its built-in 8GB memory. With this, you won’t need to worry about lagging and oversaturation.

This car stereo is equipped with Intelligent Voice Navigation software, with which selecting the exact destination is super easy. Choosing the right landmarks becomes simple; thus, you’ll face fewer problems with reaching your destination on time.

This stereo arrives with pre-installed newest maps of North America. If you want to update it, HighSound will provide you the website to download. The entire product package contains a car charger, car GPS, back bracket, mount, etc.

This stereo has multi-language reminders that guide you through the overwhelming list of features. You also get alerts for upcoming sharp curves, fatigue warning, speed zones, etc. This helps you avoid accidents or unwanted run-ins with the law.

Its brand, HighSound, has a very liberal warranty and refund policy. It offers 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, and the process is very consumer-friendly. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Android auto car stereos.


20. Vanku Double Din Android 10 Car Stereo

Vanku Double Din Android 10 Car Stereo

Vanku has consistently doled out technology that provides comfort to thousands of consumers. Its line of car electronics is well-reputed for its high-quality, professionalism, and safety.

This car stereo has an amazing storage capacity of 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Hence, you won’t need to be worrying about the lack of storage space, a fresh departure from other devices.

You can download lots of apps for your entertainment and informative purposes. From apps like Spotify to YouTube, your car trips won’t be the same dull experience anymore. You can also get regular news updates, podcasts, or weather updates in the comfort of your car.

The touchscreen with a size of 7 inches, fits the central consoles of most cars. Thus, you won’t need to go through the hassle of returning it if it’s too small and large to fit in. Installation is straightforward as well, as the wires are appropriately labeled, which helps avoid confusion.

This stereo has a built-in GPS module that functions well offline and online. Even if your mobile data gets over or WiFi issues arise, you can safely make it to your destination.

This is one of the best Android auto car stereos in the market currently.


Factors To Be Aware Of Before Buying Best Android Car Stereo

1. Storage

Storage is a crucial factor as it determines how many apps you can download. If it’s small, it could prove to be a detriment to your experience as your options get constricted. Larger storage space is better as it delivers faster performance too.

2. GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation is available on most car stereos nowadays. The crucial element is to find out if the stereo allows offline navigation as well. If it doesn’t, it could be a problem as internet connections are often unpredictable. This could pose problems for you and make you miss important meetings.


Car stereos are almost indispensable in any car nowadays. They provide drivers with a variety of features that make driving a better experience. However, due to the sheer amount of stereos with similar characteristics, it can get frustrating to pick the right one.

You can bypass these problems by remembering what features are necessary for car stereos and what additional features you want. This calls for some minor research from your side, with which you can get the best available product.


1. Which Stereo Is The Best For Cars?

There are many stereos that work very well for cars. However, it is close to impossible to objectively pinpoint which one is the best for cars. As preferences and budgets vary vastly, the best stereo varies from person to person.

2. Can You Put Any Stereo In Your Car?

Unfortunately, you can’t put any stereo in your car. There are specific measurements that need to be done from your side to ensure that the stereo fits your central console. If it doesn’t fit, the whole process of returning is long and frustrating.

3. How Do You Choose A Car Stereo?

There are some features and requirements that you need to know before singling one out. For example, GPS, graphics, audio quality, mirror link, rear-view input, Bluetooth, etc. are some of the features that every consumer looks for. Since every car stereo may not have all of them, you may need to prioritize some over others.

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