Best Bluetooth Speakers For Car 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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November 27, 2020
1. Aiwa Exos-9
  • Perfect anywhere else
  • Superior sound from superior components
  • All-day battery life
2. Besign BK06
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Support two phones simultaneously
  • Long Working time
3. Jabra 100-46000000-02
  • Up to 14 hours talk time
  • Give voice command
  • 3-speaker virtual surround sound

Bluetooth speakers have become essential for every car these days. Their function has gone beyond just streaming music or audio in a car to following GPS directions and hands-free calling. While there are so many options on the market, picking the best bluetooth speaker for car can be a challenge.

Therefore, we have made this list of great options to choose from. Some of the factors that you have to look for while buying a speaker are sound quality, Bluetooth range and connectivity, battery life, and the efficiency of the hands-free feature. Combining these features, these are a few of the best Bluetooth speakers for cars.

Top 14 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Car 2021

1. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker provides a powerful sound experience with two hundred watts of continuous power. It also has five active speaker drivers. While one of the five is a 6.5-inch subwoofer with a dual voice coil, the others are midrange and tweeter drivers.

This also provides better sound quality than regular speakers. There are also four presets available to tune the speaker to your liking. If you still want to change the settings, then the 5-band EQ and control panel can also be customized accordingly.

You can enjoy the genre of music or any audio as per your liking. The quality of this set is also enhanced by its removable lithium-ion battery. The 57.2 Watt-hour battery will power your speaker for nine hours.

This is perfect for any outdoor activities or travel. Bluetooth 4.2 inside lets you connect your devices immediately to the speaker. It also works well for a range of up to eighty feet. It will also remember your last device for further ease in using it.

If you prefer not to let it connect to other devices automatically, you can use the Bluetooth lock. This will ensure the exclusive connectivity of your device to the speaker. You can also use the 3.5 mm audio jack for a direct connection.

As per the reviews, one of the downsides of buying this speaker is some issues with the battery. Some users claimed that the battery doesn’t charge and doesn’t last as long as it claims. The users also complained about the blue screen display of the set. It goes blank at times and doesn’t let you connect your device.

One of the positive aspects of buying this speaker is the sound quality. The users claimed that it has a great bass sound. They also mentioned that using an equalizer further improves the sound. They were also content with the Bluetooth range, which even measured up to fifty feet beyond a wall.


2. Besign BK06 Bluetooth 5.0 in Car Speakerphone with Visor Clip

Besign BK06 Bluetooth 5.0 in Car Speakerphone with Visor Clip

A unique quality of this Bluetooth set is that it can connect to two devices at the same time. This is possible because of the multipoint AUX adapter. The kit also includes a USB charging cable, a Sun Visor Clip, and a user guide.

It also has a 1000mAh rechargeable battery for music or calling that can last up to twenty hours after a full charge. Adding to its battery capacity is the lower power consumption due to Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 also ensures no loss in audio transmission.

Due to this, you can get a stable connection with your other devices and greater clarity. The two-watts dual speaker can cut through traffic noise and provide clear and loud sound quality. Thus, this speaker is perfect for all your long journeys.

Further, there is no delay in connection with the in-built motion sensors. The kit switches to auto power mode as soon as you open the door. It also connects to your device immediately. You can also press one button and activate Siri or Android Voice Command.

The negative reviews about this set mention issues related to voice quality when calling. According to the reviews, the person on the other end couldn’t hear the speaker properly. Similarly, its maximum volume on a call is very low so the users couldn’t hear the person on the other end as well.

Nonetheless, the positive reviews on this kit praise the battery life, sound quality, and connectivity. The speaker can work for a long time before having to recharge. The battery recharges very quickly too. The hands-free and motion sensor features also work perfectly. This is the best bluetooth speaker for cars.


3. Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

The speakerphone provides a rich and crisp sound quality with three speakers and virtual surround sound. You can use audio streaming to listen to music or podcasts or get directions from any GPS application.

Another great feature of this set is the fourteen hours of talktime and forty days of standby time. The hands-free attribute enables you to use your voice to make calls or listen to anything you want. You can also use it to end, redial, reject, or receive calls.

The Voice Guidance technology also reads out the caller ID, gives you directions, and provides the status of the Bluetooth connection. The speakerphone also features a multi-use connection which allows you to connect to two devices at once.

One of the cons of this speakerphone is that the microphone doesn’t work smoothly. It is difficult to clearly understand the speaker while using this speakerphone. The speaker also has a tendency to restart on its own. This leads to a delay in reconnecting as well.

The pros of this set are that it is easy to set up, the function buttons are easy to locate on the set, and it connects quickly to your device. The hands-free feature works really well. The voice command is also efficient in accepting or rejecting calls.


4. OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The speaker provides excellent sound quality at all ranges. The dual precision acoustic stereo drivers give clear sound even in mid and high ranges. The passive bass radiator improves the bass output from this stereo.

The bass radiator is downward facing to further enhance the quality of sound. The triangular shape of this speaker also serves the same purpose. The ten plus watt power AMP makes it possible to play the music loud without any distortion. Thus, the speaker is highly suitable for playing music outdoors.

The Bluetooth 4.2 in this speaker provides for a farther wireless range and rapid connectivity. This feature, along with advanced antenna design lets you connect the speaker with a device even a hundred feet away. The speaker is compatible with all sorts of devices such as iPhones, laptops, echo dots, and other smartphones.

You can also connect your devices directly with a 3.5mm line-in cable and an aux-in jack. Another great feature of this speaker is the in-built microphone for a hands-free experience. To top it all off, the battery of the speaker lasts up to fourteen hours on a two-third volume.

On an analysis of the reviews, some users had a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity feature. They claimed that the speaker stopped connecting to the Bluetooth after a while. When they tried to use the aux cable, there was a lot of static noise.

The positive qualities of this set are the sound quality and depth, The speaker produces a good deep bass sound. As advertised, it also responds well when played mid and high range sounds. The set is also waterproof and durable.

You can use it on long trips or for long showers. The users were also happy with the battery life. Due to its multifunctionality and quality, it is the best bluetooth speaker for car music.


5. VeoPulse Car Speakerphone B-Pro 2

VeoPulse Car Speakerphone B-Pro 2

This speakerphone is compatible with all cars, and phone types, be they Android or iPhone. The hands-free feature allows you to take or make calls easily by voice command. You just need to press the voice command button to activate Google Assistant or Siri.

It has in-built eco sound features to cancel all background noise and traffic sounds. The speaker will produce clear and precise sounds when playing music or speaking on calls. The 3W Hi-Fi speaker provides a high definition sound feature.

The Bluetooth speaker connects automatically to known devices. It also turns on and off on its own when you start the car. It detects when you leave your call also and will switch on its own. You can connect up to two devices together to the speaker.

Some users had a problem with the battery usage of this device. The device would display a “battery low” message even on use for a short duration. The users also didn’t find the automatic on-and-off feature. Some reviews mentioned that the device shuts down on its own even on turning on.

However, most of the users still awarded this product five stars. They appreciated how easy it was to set it up in the car. They were also happy with the sound clarity and the hands-free feature. The microphone also transmits a clear voice across.


6. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

The sleek black speaker with curved edges has dual-range drivers for excellent high and low sounds. Its bass port and Digital Signal Processor ensure less distortion and more clarity. Therefore, it doesn’t just look the part but works efficiently too.

The lithium-ion battery of the speaker can last for twenty-four hours. Bluetooth 4.2 of the speaker can provide a strong connection even from a distance of sixty-six feet from the device. The speaker connects instantly with any Bluetooth devices: laptops, phones, tablets. It also connects with Alexa-enabled devices.

The users had issues with the charging port and cable. They mentioned that the cable doesn’t connect with the adapter well. The material also seems cheap and breaks easily. The users also complained that the speaker has problems connecting with Alexa-enabled devices.

However, the users had no issues with the sound quality of the speaker. It can maintain clarity in the voice and sounds even on higher volumes. The volume of the speakers is high enough for an outdoor party. The mid and treble sounds are perfect.

The speaker also works for a long time before having to charge the battery. It is also very easy to use. The device connects quickly and stably to any paired devices. Overall, this is a great purchase for under thirty dollars. This is the best bluetooth speaker for cars.


7. Motorola Roadster Pro Universal

Motorola Roadster Pro Universal

This speaker has a 4-watt sound which can cut through traffic noise and disturbances. The dual speakers ensure clarity in calls and music and a powerful sound. It also has hands free, voice-powered features. It is the first speaker in the world to have a 4-mic car speakerphone.

Despite this design, the users mentioned that when they called someone, their voice was “computer-like” or “robot-like”. The voice recognition feature doesn’t work consistently. And even though the speaker is empowered with voice command, Siri doesn’t recognize them well in this speaker.

They also complained that the battery life is short. The speaker displays a message of “more than three hours of talktime” but then shuts down immediately. Some users also stated that the speaker doesn’t charge overnight with the port in the car.

The sound quality while listening to music and while making calls. You can hear the voice of the other person clearly. The on and off automatic sensor also works perfectly. The speaker immediately connects with the last device within its range.


8. Avantree CK11 Bluetooth Car Kit

Avantree CK11 Bluetooth Car Kit

The package contains a Bluetooth car kit, a sun visor clip, a charger, a USB charging cable, and a user manual. It has an operational range of thirty feet. The car kit supports HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, and HSP, formats. It is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable 650 mA battery.

The kit has a unique echo and background noise reduction feature. It also has two-watt speakers which provide a powerful sound. The speaker turns on automatically as soon as you open your car’s door. It switches off when the Bluetooth disconnects.

You can connect the speaker to two devices at a time. The speaker also switches between calla and music effortlessly. You can also use Siri or Google Assistant to activate voice command while taking or making calls or getting directions.

Another good feature of this speaker is battery life. The speaker can be used for twenty-two hours without charging. And when you plug in the charger, the battery gets full in just three to four hours. It also has six hundred hours of standby time.

One of the cons of this set is the sound quality. Sometimes there is also an issue of clarity in audio while playing music. The volume is also not loud enough to cancel out the background noise when listening to audiobooks or podcasts. The users also mentioned that the Bluetooth connection is also unstable.

The positive aspect of buying this set is the ease of installation. The on and off sensor also works efficiently. The volume control feature also works well. The voice command is useful not only for calling but also for sending texts and emails.


9. Jabra Drive Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Jabra Drive Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

The speakerphone can connect with two devices simultaneously. The devices just have to be in the A2DP Bluetooth audio profile format. It will pair with any recognized devices automatically and effortlessly. The box also contains a USB cable, a charger, a visor clip, and a user manual.

The speakerphone doesn’t require a special set up, it comes as a ready-to-use device. The ease of use is further increased by automatic volume control and the voice guidance feature. The voice guidance feature will announce all important details such as battery amount, Bluetooth connectivity, and incoming calls.

It also guides you through pairing the device for the first time. Then you just have to clip the speakerphone onto the sun visor. The speaker will connect automatically to the paired devices thereafter. You can then stream music, follow GPS directions, make or reject calls, mute the ringtone, or redial the last number.

The reviews showed that one of the cons of buying this set is the sound clarity and volume while on call. Many times, the user and the other speaker were unable to hear each other properly. Another negative aspect is that Bluetooth connectivity is not automatic. You might have to switch the speaker on and off again for a connection.

The positive aspect of buying this set is that the music quality is great. The volume control also works well. The battery lasts for up to twenty hours of talktime and thirty days of standby time. The users also liked the build of this set.


10. Aigital Bluetooth Car Speakerphone


The kit contains a speakerphone, a USB cable, a charger, and a user guide. The setup process is very easy to follow. You just need to pair it with your device and place it on the sun visor. It also has an auto power mode to connect to your device without any delay.

The two-watt speaker transmits high-quality sound while listening to music or calling. The version of Bluetooth installed in this device is Bluetooth 4.1. It can connect to any paired device for a range of ten meters.

The rechargeable battery provides a powerful electric charge of 1000mAh. It can last for fourteen hundred hours or sixty days on standby time. It can work for twenty-two hours in a hands-free mode. It takes two to three hours to reach a functional level, but it is recommended to charge it completely in six hours.

The speaker also has a voice command feature. You can turn the speaker to hands-free mode by activating Siri or Google Assistant or any other voice function on your device. You can safely send texts, make calls, or get directions by using the voice command.

The negative point of this set is the functioning of the microphone when speaking on a call. The users complained that the persons on the other end couldn’t hear their voice properly. The volume of the speaker isn’t loud enough. A minor inconvenience was that the users found the voice guidance speaker annoying.

The pros of buying this set are battery life, ease of installation, ease of use, motion detection, and sound quality. It is also very easy to pair the device. The users liked that the motion sensor automatically does the work for you as soon as you’re in the car. This is the best bluetooth speaker for cars.


11. Avantree CK11 Bluetooth 5.0 Car Kits

Avantree CK11 Bluetooth 5.0 Car Kits

The two-watt speaker provides a crystal clear sound experience while listening to music or speaking on a call. You can also connect the speaker to two phones at once. The sensors allow quick and automatic connection

The lithium-ion battery can be recharged even in your car while driving. It just needs two to three hours of charging time to continue functioning normally. You can use the speaker for twenty-two hours of talk time or six hundred hours of standby time.

The device is compatible with A2DP, HFP, AVRCP, and HSP profiles. It is also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant. You can call, text, or get directions easily, without any distractions using hands-free mode.

Some of the reviews mentioned that the speaker stops working properly within a few months of usage. The Bluetooth connectivity also drops abruptly. The audio quality also reduces at a higher volume. The users also complained of quality issues while calling.

Their callers couldn’t hear their voices properly. The person on the other end often said that the user’s voice was tin-like. But a majority of the reviewers didn’t face this problem while calling. Further, they praised the sound quality in general.

They liked how easy it was to adjust the speaker settings or make calls without any distractions. The customers also liked how responsive and helpful the customer service was in case of any issues. Overall, the customers were happy with the value for money. This is a great choice for under forty dollars.


12. Jabra Tour Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Jabra Tour Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

The extra-large speaker offers high definition quality-sound with a noise cancellation mechanism. It won’t have the typical speakerphone voice that others do when making calls or streaming music. The sleek speaker weighs just 0.35 pound.

You can use the voice control feature to activate any voice engine in your android smartphone or iPhone. The voice command will handle pairing and connectivity, battery usage messages, calls, and directions. This is a very safe and useful feature for your car.

The motion sensor of this speaker automatically switches on and off and pairs quickly with recognized devices. It has an optimal decibel range of 95-105 dB. Another great thing about this set is its ease of setting up.

You just need to pair your phone and set the speaker on your sun visor. The battery offers twenty hours of talk time and forty-five days of standby time. You can easily charge it in the car itself with the USB cable and the charger.

Like most other speakers, it had the same issue regarding phone call quality. The persons on the other end feel like the caller’s voice keeps breaking. The users also had a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker connects and disconnects frequently with the device.

The positive reviews of the set mentioned that the motion sensor works perfectly. The voice engines compatible with the speaker also efficiently perform voice-command tasks. The volume is also loud enough to enjoy your audiobooks and podcasts without worrying about traffic sounds. The compactness of this speaker makes it the best portable Bluetooth speaker for your car.


13. Xleader SoundAngel Bluetooth Speaker With Waterproof Case

Xleader SoundAngel Bluetooth Speaker Wit

This speaker combines the echo dot design with smart touch technology to enable control with just a slight touch. The touch buttons are placed on top of the speaker to make the process easier. You can carry the speaker anywhere with its waterproof case.

The speaker has a five watts driver and a subwoofer resonator for crisp and loud audio and powerful bass. The 3D audio processor will further improve the bass and the clarity of the mid and high range sounds.

The speaker is placed on the bottom part of the device for a better experience. The processor will balance the audio and the surface beneath would reflect it. This design leads to voluminous and free of any distortions.

Bluetooth 5.0 feature of this device is suitable for connection with all devices including smartphones, android phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, etc. The speaker automatically connects to a paired device within just three seconds. You can connect up to two devices with the speaker including additional speakers for powerful sound.

The speaker has a 1200 mAh battery which can last for twelve to fifteen hours on fifty percent volume. It can last for two to three weeks on a mid-volume setting if your daily usage is one to two hours. The battery has a current control protection board.

This means that you can charge it with a normal phone charger or a USB cord through your laptop. It won’t harm the battery. The speaker automatically shuts down if Bluetooth is disconnected for more than ten minutes. This saves a lot of power even if the speaker is left on.

The reviewers only had a problem with the customer service of the seller. They weren’t responded to properly when voicing a complaint or on reviews. Some people also had a problem with the positioning of the speaker.

They complained that the sound was muffled if the speaker’s side was placed on the surface. If it was flipped, the Bluetooth connection was unstable. Since the speaker is round they couldn’t place it sideways as it would roll-off.

But a majority of the reviews showed that the users loved this product. The speaker offers exceptional sound clarity even if you are a few rooms away. The Bluetooth connection is also of a wide range, so you can control your speaker properly even from a distance.

The positive reviews also had no qualms about the speaker being on the bottom side. They claimed that it still worked wonderfully well. This is a great choice with its sound clarity, ease of use, and appearance. 


14. ColorFoda Solar Bluetooth Speaker

ColorFoda Solar Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is the best choice for taking your music with you for a trip or outdoor activities. It is endowed with a solar panel to power it. The solar panel can also store power in it in case you forget to bring the charger.

The lithium polymer rechargeable battery can last for thirty-six hours even on continuous use. The 5000mAh charge in it can be used to even power your other devices. Since the solar panel is made of monocrystalline silicon, it can charge and play at the same time.

The Bluetooth connection offers a range of up to fifty to a hundred feet from your device. You can also use the 3.5 mm audio cable to connect with non-Bluetooth devices. It can also be paired with multiple devices and used for hands-free calling.

The speaker also has twelve-watt drivers and a surround sound feature. These will provide enhanced sound quality and powerful performance. The two subwoofers are for giving the perfect bass sound. The distortion in sound is less than one percent to provide amazing sound clarity.

The reviews of the speaker pointed out the speaker doesn’t come with a clear instruction manual. Therefore, it took them a while to understand its functions. Further, the solar panel is also a little tricky to use. Many users had difficulty in getting the speaker to charge through it.

A majority of the users found this speaker to be high quality and useful. They were able to charge it by just keeping it under the sun. They also liked the waterproof and dustproof features of the speaker. These aspects make it really easy to carry it anywhere in your car or while biking or hiking.

The users really liked the sound quality and design of this speaker as well. The best part is that all of these features can be availed for less than forty dollars. 



1. Can I Use A Bluetooth Speaker In A Car?

Yes, Bluetooth speakers are a safe and legal choice to use while driving. On the other hand, using your phone or earpieces is illegal in many states, so these can be replaced with a Bluetooth speakerphone.

2. Can You Talk Through Best Bluetooth Speaker For Car?

Yes, if it has a microphone and a voice command and guidance feature then you can use it to make calls, send texts and emails, ask for directions, get connectivity and battery details, etc. The wireless will connect to your phone’s voice engine.

3. Do Bluetooth Speakers Have Microphones?

Not all Bluetooth speakers have microphones. You can check the label of the box or the speaker’s reviews to see if the one you want to buy has this feature.

4. Can I Connect Bluetooth Mic To Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, you can use a “master” device, such as your smartphone to control the mic and speaker and connect them both.


There are a variety of choices when it comes to a car speakerphone. There are some additional and unique features available such as multi-device connection, solar panel, noise cancellation effect, etc. The speakers having these have also been included on the list. We hope that these options can help you find the best bluetooth speaker for cars.

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