Best Bluetooth Car Adapters 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Tom Schaffer
Last updated on 
September 30, 2020
1. Lihan
  • Play music in multi-way
  • Good quality and more compatibility
  • Hands-free function
2. Sumind
  • Intelligent and fast charging
  • Stable connection and crystal clear sound
  • Compatible to all devices
3. Victsing
  • Fast pairing and stable sound
  • Supports voice command for safe driving
  • QC3.0 quick charge & 2 USB for multiple devices simultaneously.

These days, every electronic device we use is wireless like our speakers, headphones, laptops, and phones. This is for good reason because wires often create a huge mess, be it in our home, or our cars. Wanna get rid of all of those messy wires in your car without investing in one of those ridiculously expensive infotainment systems? Then read ahead to know more about it.


There are countless, relatively cheap, Bluetooth adapters to help keep your car look tidy and keep you connected on the go. These handsfree car kits connect to your car via your car’s radio and connect to your phone via Bluetooth, giving you a seamless, almost instantaneous connection to your car, wirelessly!

We’ve reviewed 16 of the best bluetooth car adapter out there to help you pick one that suits you best.

Top 16 Best Bluetooth Car Adapters 2021

1. Lihan Hands-Free Call Car 

Lihan Hands-Free Call Car
This adapter is relatively compact and has a small display. The buttons and display sit on a direct protrusion from the part that goes into the auxiliary power outlet of your car and therefore it doesn't take up much space.

This adapter connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.2, giving you a reliable connection to your phone. It’s calling functionality is pretty good too due to the microphone in front and the large button provided to make and receive calls.

The display in front gives you the frequency you need to set your car’s radio to connect to the Bluetooth adapter. This makes it pretty convenient and easy to use. The large dial under the display allows you to change the frequency according to your need, therefore giving you the liberty to find a frequency with minimal interference.

This device also has two USB ports in front that can be used to charge your phone, one of them supports 3.1A charging. What makes this Bluetooth adapter stand out is its versatility. You can play music not only through your phone but also using a USB drive, or even a micro-SD card, both supported up to 32 gigabytes.

The micro-SD card slot sits on the side of the adapter, making it a reliable back-up for your songs in case your phone ever runs out of juice.


2. Sumind Wireless Radio Adapter 

Sumind Wireless Radio Adapter 
This handsfree car kit by Sumind has a pretty intuitive design. It consists of two parts, the display and the part that goes into the power socket of your car, both connected via a flexible cord that can be adjusted according to your need.

The adjustable cord gives you the freedom to move the display in whatever manner you want. This can be used to increase visibility and to point the microphone towards you to increase audio uptake during calls.

The large, 1.7” display is pretty comprehensive, giving you information about the current song, volume level, name of the connected device, and the frequency. The frequency can be adjusted using the dial under the display.

The hands free device connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.2, giving you a reliable, stable connection with minimal lag.

The calling functionality is adequate because of the microphone in the front and the large button to pick or hang-up calls. The call quality is crisp and way better than the competition, thanks to the inbuilt CVC noise cancellation provided by the Bluetooth car adapter.

The part inserter into the power socket has two USB ports to charge your devices. These ports do not support music playback via a USB drive. What makes this adapter a steal is the fact that it supports Quick Charge 3.0, which is way faster than conventional car chargers.

This device also has an AUX plug, making it stand out from the competition. AUX output is always a welcome feature, this way, you won’t even need to use the FM transmitter, thus considerably reducing the lag.

The device also supports playback via micro-SD so that you can play your favorite songs without having to connect your phone every single time.

This Bluetooth handsfree kit includes another thoughtful addition, a small magnetic car mount. This has four strong magnets that will let you mount your phone anywhere you want. All you need to do is stick a small magnetic adhesive at the back of your phone. This mount makes it very convenient to navigate or take a quick look at your phone.


3. Victsing Bluetooth

Victsing Bluetooth
If you’re looking for a car adapter and don’t have a lot of space to spare, this device by VicTsing is the best car Bluetooth adapter for you. This device has the smallest form factor by far, with only a small part protruding out of the power outlet.

Despite being this small, this adapter doesn’t compromise anywhere. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0, a whole generation ahead of version 4 Bluetooth car adapters. This gives you a much better, stable, and lag-free Bluetooth connection between your phone and the adapter.

The device has two USB ports above and below a small display. The display only shows you the frequency you’re tuned to. The dial has a cool looking rim that lights up in the dark. The LED rim is bright blue. This, apart from making the adapter look aesthetic, also helps to locate it in the dark while driving easier.

Both the USB ports can be used to charge your phone, one of them supporting Quick-charge 3.0. This allows you to quickly top-up your phone up to four times faster than conventional car chargers.

Another useful feature that this device has is the ability to summon Siri with the tap of a button. The fact that you can summon your phone’s voice assistant makes doing anything on your phone while driving way more convenient and safe, be it sending a text message, making a call, or navigating.


4. Nuluxy Bluetooth 

Nuluxy Bluetooth 
This car Bluetooth adapter by Nulaxy has a very large display mounted on top of a gooseneck, therefore allowing various viewing angles. The device plugs directly into your car’s power socket, with the display a couple of inches above.

What I like about this adjustable display is the fact that you get to point the microphone directly towards you. This greatly improves audio uptake during calls. The buttons under the display allow you to easily pick up calls and play, pause, or skip tracks.

These buttons are large and tactile, which allow easier access while driving. The large and comprehensive 1.44-inch display allows you to quickly get information about phone calls and your music.

The display can also show your car’s car battery voltage, allowing you to monitor your car’s battery easily. A quick FYI, your car’s voltage should be between 13. 2V to 14. 7V when it's on and moving and 12. 2V to 12. 8V when it is parked.

The device also supports charging up to 5V/2.4A and has a micro-SD card slot in case you don’t want to use your phone time. This handsfree car kit also comes with a D3 mount for your phone.

This mount is mechanical and not magnetic, so you don’t need to stick anything at the back of your phone. All you need to do is pop it into the holder, and you're good to go. In terms of value for money, this is the best Bluetooth car adapter.


5. Roav Charge Bluetooth 

Roav Charge Bluetooth 
This car charger cum Bluetooth transmitter has a pretty conventional design, with a flat rectangular surface housing the simple numerical display, buttons, and two USB ports. The USB ports have orange accents on the inside, giving the device a sporty look.

The USB ports support charging up to 5V/4.8A. They also utilize Anker’s “PowerIQ” technology to provide simultaneous rapid charging to both ports. This means that you can quickly charge two devices at the same time, a feature pretty uncommon amongst the competition.

This Bluetooth receiver has a Bluetooth 4.2 chipset, so you don’t need to worry about call quality or connection stability.

The mic situated to the left of the display is a high-sensitivity microphone. This, coupled with the built-in advanced noise suppression crystal clear audio pick-up. This device also has an AUX plug, in case you don’t want to connect it to your car via the radio.


6. Tecboss Bluetooth 

Tecboss Bluetooth 
This car Bluetooth adapter has a two-piece design. One part goes into your car’s power socket, and the other can be attached to one of your car’s a/c vents. The two parts are connected via a thin cable. This form factor is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space around the car’s auxiliary power socket and don’t mind a little bit of wiring.

One advantage of having a form factor like this would be accessibility. As your car’s power socket is generally situated in a hard to reach location, adapters are usually inaccessible while driving. With this form factor, you can have the display conveniently set up at eye level, making the display visible and the controls reachable.

The two USB ports are situated on the power socket part. They support 5V/2.4A and Quick Charge 3.0, respectively, and can deliver high charging speed to both devices plugged in simultaneously.

This handsfree device connects to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0, giving it an edge over the competition, giving you a more reliable and power-efficient connection. You can also play songs via a micro-SD card or simply plug your phone directly to the handsfree car kit using an AUX cable. This adapter, thus, gives you three ways to play your favorite tunes.

The display itself only tells you the FM channel you’re on, and the dial on the left allows you to change it. The dial has a fully customizable LED ring, which lets you cycle through the preset colors using the button below.

A feature that makes this the best Bluetooth adapter for cars is voice assistant support. The button in front can be used to summon your voice assistant (Siri/Google Assistant). This is a pretty handy feature, as it makes using your phone while driving (to make calls, navigate or send out text messages) feel like a breeze.


7. Mpow Bluetooth 

Mpow Bluetooth 
This Bluetooth receiver takes a slightly different approach to make your connection to your car wireless. This one plugs directly into the AUX port of your car, eliminating the extra step of using your car’s radio to connect to the receiver.

This does, however, have its disadvantages. Since the device isn’t always plugged in, it uses a battery, which in itself isn’t a huge deal, because one to two hours of charging will give you 12 hours of playback time.

This device has a Bluetooth version 5.0 chipset, making it very power-efficient and gives you a stable connection to your phone. It has a large button to answer or hand up calls. A microphone in front lets you talk hands free without ever having to pull your phone out.

Another dedicated button lets you summon Siri/your Google assistant. It has an on-off slider that makes turning it unless tedious compared to other such devices that need you to long-press the main button.

What makes this device the best hands free car kit is the fact that it can convert any pair of old wired headphones or speakers you have lying around into wireless ones. All you need to do is unplug the removable metallic AUX connector, plug your device in, and you’re good to go!


8. Taotronics Bluetooth 

Taotronics Bluetooth 
This Bluetooth car adapter by TaoTronics plugs directly into your car’s AUX port via a small, male to male AUX cable. As it doesn’t plug into your car’s power outlet, it does have to be charged from time to time.

This device has a sleek body with round edges, which will, without a doubt, bring a modern look no matter where it may be used. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and low latency technology to give you a lag-free experience, which means you could also use it for media consumption.

Unlike other adapters, you can also use this device while charging. Other handsfree car kits similar to this show a noticeable drop in quality or stop working altogether when used while charging.

This adapter also couples as a transmitter, which means you could hook it up to any old device that doesn’t support Bluetooth and turn it into a Bluetooth hub. In Transmitter mode, you can turn any non-Bluetooth CD player, TV, laptop, iPod, MP3 / MP4 player into a Bluetooth transmitter.

You could hook this up to your old TV or laptop and connect up to two headphones at a time, making it perfect for movies or TV shows with your loved ones, making this the most versatile and best Bluetooth receiver for cars.


9. Imden Bluetooth

Imden Bluetooth

This Bluetooth car adapter has a conventional design, plugging into your car’s auxiliary power socket. The device looks pretty modern, with a textured dial and matte plastic build.

It has two USB ports with one of the ports supporting Quick Charge 3. It, therefore, charges devices way faster than conventional car chargers.
The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.2. Therefore, there is no loss of quality. The connection is considerably stable too. The device also supports music playback via USB from the other USB port.

The display in front lets you set the frequency at which your car should be set. The display can also be used to display your car’s voltage. The ability to let you monitor your car’s voltage lets you ensure that your car’s battery is healthy and is functioning properly.

Any reading under 12 Volts is dangerous and simply means that your car’s battery must be replaced. The car’s calling functionality is complete with high-quality CVC noise cancellation and one-click call control.


10. Ziidoo Bluetooth

Ziidoo Bluetooth
This is another car Bluetooth adapter that directly plugs into your car’s AUX input. It has the most minimalist, low-key design, with a single button in front and a switcher on the side.

It has a matte black, plastic body, which gives it a pretty premium look. The device also comes in all white color, in case you feel like switching things up.
The button in front is used both to power the device and pick up calls. An LED indicator under the button in front gives you the device's pairing status. Another plus point for this device is its range, supporting playback up to over 33 feet.

Since this car bluetooth adapter runs on a battery, it can turn any wired device into a wireless one. This makes this device pretty versatile for this price point. The bluetooth 5.0 chipset gives you a lag-free experience regardless of the device you use. The chipset’s power-efficient data transmission also gives you longer hours of music playback.


11. Zeeporte Bluetooth

Zeeporte Bluetooth

This car Bluetooth adapter connects to your car via the radio and to your phone via bluetooth, giving you a completely seamless, wire-free connection. It also plugs into your car’s power socket, and therefore, doesn’t need to be repeatedly charged.

The part protrudes a surface lined by an LED rim. The customizable LED lights paired with the squircle-shaped surface gives it a pretty good look. A button on the top right helps you cycle through the preset colors. Located right next to this button is a USB-C port.

This device connects to your phone via a Bluetooth version 5.0 chipset, giving you an instantaneous, reliable, and power-efficient connection between your phone and the handsfree car kit.

There’s a port on the side that supports Quick Charge 3.0 and a button under the display helps you pick up or reject calls. The USB-C port in front is what caught me off-guard because it supports charging up to 27W, which is even faster than most chargers that plug into the wall, let alone other car chargers.

A fast charger of this caliber combined with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip makes this the best hands free car kit for anyone with a phone that supports fast charging.


12. Esky Bluetooth

Esky Bluetooth

This is yet another car handsfree kit that plugs into your AUX, but it's design has a twist. It has the form factor of a conventional car charger. It is made up of matte black plastic and is sleek, minimalistic and takes up almost no space. It’s unique design makes it the best hands free for car.

It has a really intuitive design, with the top part of the Bluetooth car adapter removable. The device stays magnetically docked in the power socket part of the device when you want to charge it.

Whenever you want to listen to your songs, all you need to do is remove the top and plug it into the AUX port. The device powers on and connects to your phone automatically.

Other than serving as the Bluetooth receiver’s charger, the dock also has two USB ports that allow you to fast charge two devices simultaneously at 5V/2A.

On the top of the Bluetooth receiver, there’s only one button in front to pick up or reject calls. This simple design and small form factor makes it look pretty attractive.

There is also a micro-USB port on the side, thus giving you the option to charge via micro-USB too. This car Bluetooth adapter connects to your phone using a Bluetooth version 4.2 chipset.

The device gives you a playback time of around 12 hours and charging it fully using the dock takes about 2.5 hours. I personally feel like this is the best possible form factor for a Bluetooth receiver that connects to your car via AUX, as it gives you a truly wireless experience even while charging.


13. Besign Bluetooth 

Besign Bluetooth 
When it comes to design, this handsfree car kit by Besign takes a completely different approach. The device consists of a flat circular Bluetooth receiver and a power source that plugs into your car’s outlet.

There are two wires arising from the receiver, one that plugs into your car’s AUX, and the other one goes into the power source. To install the device, you need to first apply an adhesive magnetic sticker where you want your receiver to be placed.

The circular Bluetooth receiver attaches to this sticker magnetically. Since there are two wires involved, the handsfree car kit does end up looking kind of messy. But because of this form factor, you never need to worry about charging your device. This is the best handsfree for car for anyone looking to upgrade their pre-existing set up.

Most Bluetooth adapters that use AUX show a significant drop in quality when used while charging, but this device surprisingly doesn’t, thanks to its in-built ground loop noise isolator. The device also automatically powers on and connects to your phone as soon as you start your car.

The Bluetooth receiver connects to your phone via Bluetooth version 4.1, which is a little outdated, but you won’t really notice a difference. It can also connect to two devices simultaneously, therefore allowing both the driver and the passenger to answer calls or play music wirelessly, without ever needing to use their phones.

The power adapter has two USB ports, therefore one of them is always free. This port can be used to charge your phone at 10W. This device also lets you summon your voice assistant (Siri/Google Assistant). All you need to do is press and hold the multi-function button in front for two seconds when in standby mode.


14. Ainope Bluetooth 

Ainope Bluetooth 
This hands free car kit by AINOPE has a pretty conventional design, and looks like most other FM Bluetooth transmitters. But this is by far the best car bluetooth adapter when it comes to features.

It has two USB ports in front, one to play songs via a USB drive, and the other supports Quick Charge 3.0. This in itself is a huge deal, but this adapter out-does itself, including another 18W fast charging port in front.

A lot of phones don’t even support charging speeds of 18W, so this device is truly future proof. Charging at such high speeds also needs a special kind cable that is capable of 18W power delivery. These are usually pretty expensive when bought separately, which is why the manufacturer has included one out of the box.

The 18W Power Delivery port (PD) in front plus the Quick Charge port gives you a total of 36W of charging power, which can be used to simultaneously charge two phones at the same time.

The adapter is LED-backlit and using the button in front, one can cycle through 7 different colors. It also has a dedicated dynamic RGB mode, if you ever get bored of seeing just one color.

The large display in front lets you set the frequency to which you want your car’s radio to connect to.

The microphone in front, coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 and CVC noise cancellation means you get unmatched, crystal clear call quality. A multi-function button next to the LED button allows you to answer or reject calls.


15. Victsing Bluetooth FM

Victsing Bluetooth FM
This is another handsfree car kit from VicTsing that takes a slightly different approach compared to its previous iteration. This device comes with a large 1.44-inch display in front. This device’s large display and therefore easy visibility makes it the best bluetooth for car, in case your car has a rusty old only FM radio set up.

The large display shows you it’s FM frequency, information related to the song, the name of the connected device and the pairing status. This display, like many other adapters in this price range, also displays your car’s voltage, therefore allowing you to effortlessly track your car's battery health.

Since the device plugs into your car’s power outlet, you will never need to worry about charging it. In-built CVC noise cancellation allows you to make crystal clear, hands free calls.

This Bluetooth adapter has an intuitive hinge design that connects the display to the power outlet. This hinge allows you to change the angle of your display through a hundred and twenty degrees. This not only lets you make your device more convenient to reach, but also lets you angle the microphone in front to get the best possible audio pick-up during calls.

There are two USB ports on the side that let you charge your phone or use a USB drive to play your songs. This adapter also allows you to directly plug in any AUX enabled device, be it a phone or an Mp3 player, thanks to the AUX plug located on the right.

You can also play your favorite tunes via a micro-SD. You can, therefore, play your songs using AUX, Bluetooth, a USB drive or a micro-SD card, making this a truly versatile device.


16. Taotics Bluetooth Receiver

Taotics Bluetooth Receiver
This is another handsfree car kit from TaoTronics, but this one connects to your car via AUX. This device has the most compact and thin form factor of all the devices reviewed so far, making it perfect for you if you're looking for a non-intrusive Bluetooth receiver for your car. When it comes to minimalism, this is the best Bluetooth handsfree car kit.

It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 chipset. The device also has a small metallic male to male AUX connector, that directly plugs into your car’s AUX socket. This, therefore, gives you a high fidelity stereo sound output.

This handsfree car kit comes equipped with a microphone and voice assistant support. Voice assistant support is a huge deal, as it makes using your phone while driving to send out texts, read out notifications or even navigate to a location feel like a breeze.

There are only three buttons on this device, two to adjust volume and one large multi-function button to answer calls and summon your voice assistant. The small selection of buttons gives this device a clean, minimalistic look, which makes this device go well with any car’s interior.

Since this device plugs into your car’s AUX, it does run on a battery, and therefore must be charged from time to time. The battery, when fully charged, gives you playback time of 10 hours non-stop.

It takes only an hour and a half to fully charge it and you can also use the device while charging. The device has an impressive stand-by time of around 200 hours. This ensures that the device doesn’t unnecessarily lose power when it's not in use.


Factors To Consider When Buying Best Bluetooth Car Adapter

1. Design 

Car Bluetooth adapters are usually out in the open for everyone to see. They, therefore, become an important part of your car’s decor. This is why looking for the best car Bluetooth adapter with a sleek-looking body in a compact form factor is pretty important when buying a Bluetooth car adapter.

2. Charging Support

Having the option to charge your phone is pretty useful because they directly plug into your car’s power socket. That way, you won’t have to go through the pain of keeping two separate adapters or switch adapters every time you want to charge your phone.

3. Ease Of Use

This is probably the most important factor to consider when buying a Bluetooth car adapter. A finicky and unreliable adapter that requires constant adjustments would not only make the overall experience bad but also distract you and make your drive unsafe.

4. Versatility

Having numerous ways to play your music is always a plus point. Micro-SD card and USB drive support would allow you to play your favorite music if your phone ever runs out of juice or in case you just don’t have your phone on you.

Some Bluetooth adapters also allow you to use an AUX cable to connect your phone to the adapter.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

These handsfree car kits connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Therefore having the best Bluetooth for cars is pretty important. Bluetooth chipsets with version 4.2 and above usually provide a stable, strong, and power-efficient connection to your phone.

6. Voice Assistant Support

The ability to summon Siri/Google Assistant is what makes your device truly hands free. This is because you can easily send out text messages, make calls, and navigate with the simple push of a button. Voice assistant support also makes using your phone while driving exponentially safer.

7. Special Add-On Features

Other features like included car mounts, large comprehensive displays, and intuitive button placement, microphone placement, display viewing angles and others that make using the device more comfortable and convenient are awarded extra points.

Some adapters with displays even allow you to monitor your car’s battery health by tracking it’s voltage. For example, your car’s voltage should be between 13. 2V to 14. 7V when it's on and moving and 12. 2V to 12. 8V when it is parked. Any reading under 12 volts means that you should get your car’s battery replaced as soon as possible.

Also, the ability to use battery powered devices while charging without any noticeable drop in audio quality is a huge plus point.

FAQs on Bluetooth Car Adapters

1. Do I Need An Aux Cable To Connect The Adapter To My Car?

This depends on the type of car Bluetooth adapter you have. If it has a display with frequency readings, it simply means that your device connects to your car using the radio, and, therefore, you do not need an AUX cable.

On the other hand, if you have a device that comes with an AUX cable and a port, it usually means that that’s the only way to connect it to your car.

However, some car Bluetooth adapters do give you the option to switch between FM and AUX output, so make sure you choose the one that suits you the best.

2. Should I Go For An Aux Connected Bluetooth Adapter Or An Fm Connected One?

If you don’t want to mess around with your car's radio and skip that step entirely, and don’t mind charging your device from time to time, you would be better off buying an AUX device. A battery-powered AUX device also lets you convert any old pair of non-Bluetooth headphones or speakers into wireless ones.

All you need to do is remove the AUX cable and plug your device in instead, and you're good to go! This makes FM connected devices the best handsfree for cars in terms of convenience.

Both come with their pros and cons. Devices that output audio via AUX are very convenient and easy to operate. But this defeats the purpose of making everything wireless. Such devices also have a rechargeable battery, which can become a chore.

Devices that transmit audio to your car via FM require a few extra steps to set up, but give you a truly wireless experience, and therefore give your car a new and clean look.

3. How Do I Connect My Fm Bluetooth Transmitter To My Car?

FM Bluetooth transmitters use a very intuitive way to connect to your car wirelessly. Almost all cars have an in-built radio set that allows you to tune-in to any station. Your adapter basically creates its own station, and your car connects to this newly created station.

All you need to do is set your FM transmitter to a station far from other stations to avoid any interference. Connect your car to this station, and voila! Crystal clear stereo sound quality without a single wire in sight! The ease of using FM devices is what makes them the best bluetooth for cars.

4. How Do I Summon My Voice Assistant?

The steps to summon your voice assistant differs from brand to brand. Most adapters have a large, convenient multi-function button in front. In order to summon your Google Assistant/Siri, some adapters require you to press and hold the button, while others do it at the press of a button. But make sure you do this only when you’re not in the middle of a call, because you might end up hanging up.

5. How Do I Connect My Phone To My Bluetooth Transmitter?

If you are connecting your device to your phone for the first time, you will have to pair the two first. Open your phone’s Bluetooth settings by tapping and holding the Bluetooth icon. Look for your car Bluetooth adapter under ‘new’, and tap on it to pair. Make sure your device is discoverable. Allow the permissions it requests you to grant, and you’re good to go!

If this isn’t your first time, all you need to do is power the adapter on and keep your phone’s Bluetooth turned on. The two should automatically connect.

Most FM Bluetooth transmitters automatically power on when you start your car, but the ones that connect via AUX have to be manually turned on. In order to do so, press and hold the large multi-function button in front. Your device should power on.

A few points to ensure that you make the most of your device

1. In case your handsfree car kit has a battery, do not use it while charging. The ones that plug into your car’s power outlet and connect via the radio do not usually have a battery. On the other hand, the ones that connect via AUX have a battery and have to recharge from time to time.

If you own an adapter that runs on a battery, you might find yourself in a tough spot every now and then. With the battery completely drained, you might be tempted to use the adapter while it's plugged in. Doing this is not worth it since audio quality decreases significantly.

What you end up getting is music with a general, noticeable drop in audio quality and increased background noise that the device picks up because it's plugged in. Call quality, including microphone audio uptake, is also exponentially worse. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of charging your device over and over again, make sure you pick up a Bluetooth FM transmitter instead.

2. If your device connects to your car using your car’s radio, make sure you use a frequency that is unused and well distanced from other stations. Doing this ensures the best possible audio transmission from your device, free from interference from any nearby stations.

3. Most car Bluetooth adapters support peripheral devices like USB drives and micro-SD cards. But keep in mind that these adapters only support devices that have up to 32 Gigabytes of memory. Any storage device exceeding this capacity won’t be recognized.

4. In order to improve the call quality, make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is placed close to your mouth. If this is not possible, then try to make sure the microphone stays pointed in your general direction. This helps improve the call quality.

5. Most adapters that claim they support fast charging usually support it only when one device is connected unless specified otherwise. Two connected devices tend to charge at very low speeds, rendering the charger almost useless. Make sure you keep this in mind and only charge one device at a time unless necessary.

6. In order to extend the battery life of your AUX adapter, make sure you turn it off after you’re done using it. The adapter’s battery drain isn’t much when it is on standby, but you will run out of juice way sooner once you get back. Therefore, it is always preferable to keep your device powered off when not in use.

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