Best Car Sun Shades 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Tom Schaffer
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September 30, 2020
1. EcoNour
  • Lightweight but strong and durable
  • Superior quality polyester material which lasts longer
  • Keep car cool by blocking the sun
2. Envoe
  • Absolute sun protection
  • Fits most of the car windows
  • Installation is a breeze
3. KinderFluff
  • Install in seconds
  • Offers 210T high quality windshield sunshades
  • Offer wider windshield shade for better fit and easier set up.

Picture this. It's a Sunday afternoon and it is sunny. You’re in Walmart to get some groceries. You come back with both your hands full, waiting to get back to the comfort of your car, only to find it hotter than the inside of an oven.

Now you can't stay out in the sun and wait for your car to cool down. So you sit there in your car all tired, hot, and sweaty for what feels like an hour!

Your car can get extremely hot when you park it out in the open, especially in the summers. The sunlight falling directly onto your car heats up the air inside. Since the air inside has nowhere else to go, the heat gets trapped in your car.

This process keeps repeating itself, making your car exponentially hotter the longer you keep it out in the sun. Why sit there, melting away in the blazing heat, when you can avoid all of this without burning a huge hole in your pocket? You just need to find the right car accessory that can make your life convenient.


We’ve reviewed 15 of the best car sun shade out there to help you pick one that suits you best. Read ahead to know more about them!

Top 15 Best Car Sun Shades 2021

1. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade 

EcoNour Best Car Sun Shade

This sunshade from EcoNour is sturdy and feature-packed for its price point. This sunshade is sure to keep your car cool and protected all while being kind to your wallet. The product covers the entirety of your windshield, making sure to keep your car’s temperature under control efficiently.

The company also claims that the product offers UV protection, which is a huge added bonus. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight is known to cause discoloration and damage to things left out in the sun. UV protection ensures that your car’s interior stays protected and looks pristine for long.

The side of the car shade that faces the sun is white, therefore reflecting most of the sunlight falling on your car’s windshield. It comes as no surprise that this sunshade brings your car’s temperature down by up to 40 degrees celsius.

The company hasn’t compromised on the portability side either. This sunshade by EcoNour is lightweight and foldable, whilst also being strong and durable. It also comes with a small handy storage bag, making it easy to store and carry around.

The company claims to have sold over half a million sun shades, with various sizes available to ensure that you get a perfect fit for your car’s windshield. All you need to do is find your car from the size chart on Amazon, and you’re good to go!


2. Envoe Car Window Shade

Envoe Car Window Shade

This sunshade from Envoe uses a slightly different approach to block out the sun. The product comes in separate pieces, which block the sunlight coming from the windows rather than the windshield.

Its individual piece design makes sure that you can use it while your car is parked, or when you and your loved ones are on the go.
Unlike the other sun shades that block out the light coming from just the windshield, this one can be used according to your need in the moment.

The company’s Amazon page gives you two variants to choose from, a two-piece option, and a 4 piece option to block out more sunlight.
The four-pack option gives you the most value for money by far, giving you two more pieces for just 2$ over the base two-piece variant.

This form factor is the most versatile, as it can be used at the back to block out the annoying sunlight coming onto the passengers at the back or be used on your windshield to block out most of the light when you’ve parked your car.

The company claims that this window shade blocks up to 97% of the ultraviolet radiation coming in its way. This product is a must-have for parents with young children, as it keeps your baby safe from the sun at all times.

It also comes with a premium quality black storage pouch, ensuring maximum portability.Envoe has also included a free E-Book on child safety tips in the Heat with your purchase.


3. KinderFluff Windshield Sun Shade

KinderFluff Windshield Sun Shade

This windshield sunlight blocker from Kinder Fluff is an anti-Ultra Violet custom fit sunshade for your car’s windshield. It blocks up to 99.02% of UVA and 99.87% of UVB, thanks to the material used in this product.

You can be assured to have this level of protection, as this company claims to be the only one in the market with a certification for the percentage of UV radiation blocked by the product.

Getting a product certified is usually a long, tedious process, with countless tests conducted on the said product under stringent quality control rules.

This sun shield has a pretty convenient and straighforward installation procedure. You can also check the installation demo posted on the product’s Amazon page if you have any concerns regarding its use.
This sun shield comes in various sizes to fit your car perfectly.

The product’s Amazon page has an elaborate size chart, with a boatload of cars for reference. This product, like the others, also comes with a portable storage pouch for added convenience.


4. Magnelex Windshield Sunshade 

Magnelex Windshield Sunshade 

This car sunshade by Magenlex protects your car’s interior by covering your windshield when your car is parked in the open. It blocks out all the light coming in, therefore both avoiding damage due to Ultraviolet radiation and also by preventing your car’s inside from overheating.

The sunshade itself is made of durable polyester.As the product keeps your car this cool from the get-go, it also saves you a lot of time and fuel.

This is because your car’s air conditioner won’t have to blast out cold air for too long to bring your car’s temperature down.This product comes with a storage pouch too, making it easy to carry around and store away.

The medium-sized sunshade’s dimensions are 59” by 31”, making it the perfect size for most cars. The other sizes provided by the company include Large and Extra Large, measuring 63” by 33.8” and 65.7” and 36.4 respectively.

Find your car’s model on the size chart provided by the company on the product’s Amazon page to get a sunshade that fits your car’s windshield perfectly.

The company does offer various sizes though, so if you’re still unsure about whether or not the product fits your car’s windshield, you can always check out the size chart given on their Amazon page.

Simply find your car, and select the size from the drop-down menu.
They also throw in a steering wheel sunshade for free, making it a perfect addition to your purchase if your steering wheel’s skin is made of leather.


5. Shinematix 2-Piece Windshield Sun Shade

Shinematix 2-Piece Windshield Sun Shade

This sun shield also uses a two-piece design, and you can use it both on your side windows or your windshield. It doesn't use any suction cups, so you can simply fit it onto the windshield or window frame.

The product's dimensions are 28” by 31” or 71 cm by 79 cm. But it is important to note that the pliable wireframe of this sun shield allows them to fully acclimatize to the windshield of your vehicle, regardless of your windshield’s dimensions.

The product is made from a high-density reflective material, ensuring that most of the light and heat coming in its way is efficiently reflected off of it, ensuring that your car stays cool even in the most blazing heat. The strong, reinforced, pliant wires used to make the frame make this sun shield pretty durable.

The company claims that the product has been made using superior grade 210 T polyester, which makes this product pretty full-proof when it comes to the durability front.

The product also has a superior grade, UV reflective material at its core. This ensures that most of the ultraviolet rays coming its way are blocked and your car’s interior does not sustain any damage or discoloration in the long run.

This product also comes with a storage pouch like most other car sunshades. The company also gives you a free microfiber cloth along with your purchase.


6. Windshield Sun Shade

Windshield Sun Shade

This sun shield by Magnalex has a universal two-piece form factor that fits all car windows. The fact that it comes in two pieces and not one makes it way more convenient and versatile to use, as it can be used for both your windshield and your windows.

But when it comes to this product, this doesn't even matter, as the company also gives you two static side window sunshades in this set for free!

This product is perfect for shielding your young ones from the sun, as it can be installed on a bright sunny day, wherever you need it. These shades measure 28 x 31 inches or 71 x 79 cm, making it a perfect fit for most car windshields.

When it comes to durability, the product is made from premium grade 210T Polyester, the finest and most long-lasting available according to the company.

Like any other sunshade, Magnalex also gives you a storage pouch for increased convenience and portability. The product can be easily stored away into the pouch with a simple twist and a push, and it turns into a circular shape, much smaller in size.


7. Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade 

Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade

This sun shield by Munchkin takes a different approach to keep your car cool. These kinds work like curtains and always stay on your windows.

Whenever you feel hot, all you need to do is pull them down.
This form factor has a lot of benefits. Since they always stay on your window, unlike the other sunshades where you have to take the entire thing off after you’re done using it, you can simply pull them down whenever necessary.

Installing it is a walk in the park. All you need to do is pull your windows down and hang it on the free edge of the window using the clips at the back.

This also makes removing the product just as easy.
Thanks to its easy to install and easy to use pull-down mechanism, this is the best car window shade when it comes to convenience, especially if you have a baby.

Another feature that makes this product stand out is its one-push retract button. With just one push on the button on its side, the entire sunshade rolls back into the top cylinder, giving your car a clean, clutter-free look.

The sunshade’s mesh is made up of what the company calls ‘Safe-View’ fabric mesh, that it claims to provide superior visibility while also filtering out the harmful Ultraviolet A/Ultraviolet B rays. T

The product’s dimensions are around 15 by 19 inches, which is a perfect fit for most car windows. To top it all off, the product boasts a patented heat-sensing sticker on the pull-down tab that changes color when it gets too hot in your car.

This is really helpful, as it serves as a reminder to pull down your sunshade and protect your passengers from harmful UV rays.


8. EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade

EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade

This Windshield sun shade by EzyShade comes in a two-piece design. The sunshades are pretty large, therefore ensuring that each shade covers a significant area of your windshield. A size chart on the product’s Amazon page will help you find a size that suits your car the best.

his product claims to have the lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Index on a foldable Sunshade. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Index is 0.18, making it the best sunshade in the market, providing up to 82% reduction of heat inside your car.

Its folding design makes it easy to install, fold, and store.
Instructions on how to correctly fold and store the product are given on the company’s Amazon page.

The product is also pretty lightweight, making it even more portable and perfect to prevent your car’s interior from getting damaged or overheating. The product comes in Small (measuring 23.5 x 29 inches), Medium (measuring 28 x 31 inches), and Large (measuring 32.5 x 36 inches) sizes.

You can follow the product’s Amazon page to find a perfect fit for your car’s windshield.With your purchase, you also get a free storage pouch for the sunshades.

The company also throws in a non-slip sticky mat for your dashboard to make the package more enticing.


9. Adoric Life Car Windshield Sunshade Front Window

Adoric Life Car Windshield Sunshade Front Window

Another sun shield that covers the entirety of your windshield, this product by Adoric Life is made of a high-grade 500T polyester that is also highly reflective. This, therefore, makes sure that most of the heat and light gets reflected off your windshield, therefore keeping your car cool.

This sun shield boasts a five-layered design, with three dedicated layers for reflecting heat and sunlight effectively. The high-quality polyester used also promises durability, which is important for a product that is expected to stay in the sun throughout its usage period.

Its design also ensures that most of the UV rays entering your car are blocked off, protecting your car’s interior from damage and discoloration.

It has a one-piece design, which may make it slightly inconvenient to store or install compared to the two-piece ones, but also reflects sunlight off with utmost efficiency.

This sunshade is also really portable; it easily pops out and folds back in seconds. This makes it pretty convenient for daily use.The storage pouch is small enough to be stored in the door pockets of your vehicle.

The product's dimensions are 59 by 31.5 inches, making it a perfect fit for most car windshields. Its form factor also allows you to use it as a rear windshield cover if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need one.

The product also promises protection from ultraviolet radiation all year round, therefore protecting your car’s interior from discoloration.


10. AstroAI Windshield Sun Shade

AstroAI Windshield Sun Shade

Yet another car windshield sunshade with a two-piece design, this product promises maximum Ultraviolet protection and cooling for your car. Ultraviolet rays are the main culprit when it comes to car decor discoloration and damage.

Therefore having an anti-ultraviolet protective layer is a pretty important feature to have in a sunshade. UV is also known to cause skin damage.

The sunshade also has a Unique Curved Edge. The curved edge is made to avoid causing damage to the rearview mirror when two sunshades are overlapped.

This sunshade by AstroAI comes in various sizes to fit your car’s windshield perfectly. These include Small (2-piece shades) each measuring 23.2 by 29.1 inches or 59 by 74 cm, Medium (2-piece shades) each measuring 28 by 30.7 inches or 71 by 78 cm, and Large (2-piece shades) each measuring 32.7 by 36.2 inches or 83 by 92 cm.

So finding one that fits your car perfectly shouldn't be too difficult.
The product also comes with a storage pouch for convenient storage and portability.

The company claims that the product is made using high-quality stitching, adding to the product’s durability and reliability.


11. Automerics 1-Piece Windshield Sun Shade

Automerics 1-Piece Windshield Sun Shade

This Windshield sun shade by Automerics has a one-piece design that makes it very efficient at blocking out all the sunlight before it enters your car. But it’s one-piece design means that you cannot use it as a window shade.

The device has a unique folding design for easy storage and portability. The company throws in a free storage pouch, making it even more portable.

The company gives you 4 size variants, ensuring that you find a perfect fit for your car’s windshield.The sizes include Small measuring 59 by 28.5 inches (This size fits most small, compact cars, and sports cars with smaller windshields), Medium measuring 61 by 32 inches (This size fits most standard cars, sedans, midsize SUVs, and Trucks with regular-sized windshields), Large measuring 64 by 33.5 inches (This size fits most bigger cars, Large Sedans, Full-Size SUVs and Trucks with bigger than regular windshields and Extra Large measuring 66 by 36 inches (This size fits most Large and Full-Size cars, SUVs, Trucks and Vans with very large windshields).

The company also gives you an anti-slip dashboard pad for free. It can be used to hold your change, headphones, sunglasses, phone, etc.


12. Helloleiboo Car Windshield Sun Shade

Helloleiboo Car Windshield Sun Shade

This windshield sun shade sports a very peculiar yet intuitive design for a car sunshade. The product, instead of using rings for support, has an umbrella-like design.

This means the sunshade has metallic bars holding it up, with a handle in the middle. This form factor makes it extremely convenient to install. In terms of convenience and ease of use, this product is by far the best sunshade for cars.

Compared to the other windshield sunshades that have to be manually adjusted and put up, this sunshade needs to simply be pointed at the windshield and be opened like an umbrella, and that's it.

This design also makes storage feel like a piece of cake, as it folds into a very small, handy, cylindrical footprint.The company promises maximum UV and heat protection, just like any other traditional sun shield, and also gives you a small pouch for storage.

When it comes to durability, the brand also claims that it has used premium composite peptide materials rather than an ordinary aluminum foil for the bars, which ensures that they don't get damaged even when left in high temperatures for longer periods of time.

This is a big deal because whenever cheap metallic materials are used for umbrella legs, they are known to leave a pungent smell when left in the sun for too long.

The only downside to this form factor is the fact that even if one of the legs of the umbrella gets damaged, the entire contraption falls apart. Although, in my opinion, the ease of use and the convenience that this design brings more than makes up for this downside.

With careful use, even this shouldn't be a problem.You get to choose from two size variants, Small and Large, measuring 45 by 25.5 inches and 57 by 31 inches respectively.

The company also promises to give you 24 months of customer service, which is definitely a first when it comes to these sunshades.


13. Big Hippo Windshield Sun Shade

Big Hippo Windshield Sun Shade

This windshield sunshade by Big Hippo also has a design slightly different from the competition. It has a mat like for factor, without any rings or legs for support. The outer surface is made up of a highly reflective, mirror-like material, therefore offering very high levels of reflectance.

This form factor means that the product cannot be folded into a small circular footprint like the other sunshades in the market. The product can only be folded like a mat, 3-4 times, making this the least portable sunshade of the bunch.

But the product, at the same time, gives you the added convenience of using it as a simple mat.The mat stays stuck to your windshield using suction cups, making it reliable and easy to install.

Thanks to the mirror-like finish on the outer side of the product, the company claims to bring down your car’s temperature by over 20 degrees celsius!

The foam core at the heart of the sunshade acts as an insulator, disallowing any of the residual heat from entering your car. The product claims to filter out over 99% of the UV rays hitting it.

The product also comes with an elastic band to keep the folds together when you store it, making it slightly more portable. Its form factor also lets you use it as a window sunshade, protecting you from the harsh sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

Only one, universal size variant is available, saving you the confusion and the extra steps of having to measure your windshield and finding a perfect fit for it.

The company also gives you two window shades for free. Buying this product gives you a whole sunshade set and therefore makes your purchase worth the buck.


14. NeatiEase Retractable Double Layer Honeycomb Sun Shade  

NeatiEase Retractable Double Layer Honeycomb Sun Shade 

This windshield sunshade from NeatiEase has a very peculiar form factor compared to the other, more popular ones. This product fits on one end of your windshield and draws over the entire windshield, reaching the other side like a curtain.

The product stays up using suction cups and has a two-layered design.
This device is very convenient to use compared to the other sunshades out there, with their finicky design that those companies just expect you to plop onto your windshield somehow.

This one, instead, has a very simple curtain-like form factor, that is comparatively straightforward to install. aIt’s two-layered design ensures that air gets trapped in between the two layers.

As air is a very potent insulator of heat, the heat stays on the top layer and doesn’t get transmitted to the bottom later. This ensures that your car stays cool for longer periods of time in the sun.

The company claims that the product blocks over 99% of the UV rays coming its way, therefore keeping your car’s interior safe from discoloration and damage.

The product’s Amazon page also claims that it can block over 85% of the heat hitting it, therefore keeping your car cool.This product has one, universal size, saving you the trouble of going to your car and measuring its windshield yourself.

The maximum footprint of this sunshade measures 25.6 by 56.7 inches or 65 by 144 cm, so it should fit most cars comfortably.The company claims that this universal size can fit 90% car models out there, be it SUVs, compact cars, family cars, trucks, etc. all thanks to the product’s innovative curtain like changeable design.


15. Xbrn Car Windshield Sun Shade

Xbrn Car Windshield Sun Shade

This car windshield sunshade from XBRN has a pretty familiar form factor. It is a large one-piece sunshade that blocks the entirety of your car’s windshield.

It comes in two sizes, Small, measuring 67 by 35 inches (or 170 by 90 cm) and Large, measuring 71 by 3 inches (or 180 by 95 cm). The smaller size should fit most cars.

This sunshade gives you over 99 percent protection from ultraviolet rays and heat, keeping your car’s interior cool, even when it sits in the sun for hours. This, therefore, also prevents dashboard fade and cracking and damage to your seats.

The product has a two-ring design, ensuring proper support when it stays up on your windshield. This also ensures maximum portability, as it can be twisted and folded into a small form factor that can be conveniently stored away.

The company also gives you a small, circular pouch that increases portability even more. They also give you a 30-day guarantee, which means you can return your product if you do find any defects or have any problems using it, and you will be completely refunded. This makes this product the best car shade in terms of reliability.


Factors You Should Consider In Order To Pick The Best Car Sun Shade

1. Design

Sunshades come in a variety of designs. Some of the best car sun shades are very large, single-piece ones that are only meant to cover your car’s windshield.

Others come in two large pieces, usually meant only to cover your windshield, but can also be used to cover your car’s windows, while some are shaped like umbrellas that hang onto your car’s windshield.

There are also sunshades made primarily to cover your windows. These are comparatively smaller, look more presentable and modern. They fit on to your windows using pliable frames and can be used when you’re out and about to protect your loved ones at the back from the harsh sunlight and UV rays.

These can also be used as windshield sunshades if you want, providing considerable protection for your car’s interior, all while keeping your car cool.

Other designs include sunshades that use suction cups to stay on your windows, sunshades that latch on to the edge of your windows and pull down ones that act like blinds.

2. Portability

Sunshades have to cover a lot of surface area to efficiently cool your car down and block out all the sunlight. Keeping in mind that most cars have limited free space and storage areas, portability is a pretty important factor that one should keep in mind while buying a sunshade.

Most sunshades get around this issue using a pliable frame and a two-ring design that can be easily bent, twisted and folded away into a small form factor the size of your steering wheel.

Most companies also include a small storage pouch, therefore increasing portability and convenience.

3. Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

Most sunshades have a very high ultraviolet ray-blocking efficiency, and companies make sure to include this in the product’s description. The best car window shade always blocks out over 99% of UV rays, protecting the passengers or the car's interior from damage. Make sure you find one that specifically mentions how much ultraviolet radiation it can block out.

4. Weight

Windshield sunshades have to be opened and installed every time you park your car. Therefore having a lightweight sunshield is pretty important. Most brands have very lightweight sunshades, thanks to the use of polyester.

5. Ease Of Installation

Different companies have incorporated different ways in which you can set up your sunshade. Some use suction cups, while others use a pliable frame and a ringed design to ensure both portability and maximum coverage. Others simply use a large rectangular frame to cover your windows/windshields. Pick one that suits you the best.

6. Durability

Sunshades are made to block out the harsh heat and UV rays entering your car. This is why they are usually made to be very durable. Most sunshades have a multiple layered design, the outermost layers made up of polyester, while the innermost ones made up of a highly reflective, aluminum infused material.

These ensure that your product gets the least Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Index, which basically means it’ll be more efficient at reflecting most of the heat away, therefore keeping your car cool.

FAQs on Car Sun Shades

1. Does My Sunshade Protect My Car/Passengers From Ultraviolet Radiation?

Most, if not all, of the best sun visor for cars provide UV protection. They do so using a couple of dedicated layers present at the center of your product. But it is always better to check the product’s Amazon page before buying a sunshade for your car. Pick one that blocks out most of the UV rays to ensure that your car’s interior stays pristine looking for a longer period of time.

2. Out Of All The Form Factors Out There, Which One Should I Choose For My Car?

This one comes down to personal preference. Most of the best sunshade for cars are very portable and easy to install. The ones that are easy to fold can be quickly installed and block out all the sunlight. Buying a foldable one adds an extra step before and after use, but these ones are very good at blocking out most of the heat and UV rays. In my opinion, the one with the umbrella-like form factor is the best car shade, as it is very convenient to open and install and has a very small footprint when closed.

3. Which Is The Best Car Sunshade For My Truck?

If you have a truck or a very large SUV, go for a sunshade that has various sizes and pick the largest size available. These are tailor-made for your vehicle, and should sufficiently cover your windshield. The ones that only have one, universal size won’t be big enough for your truck.

4. Where Can I Store My Sunshade?

Most car sunshades fold into a small circular or cylindrical form factor and can be stored in any of your car’s door pouches. But other larger ones, for example, the ones that have to be folded like a mat, have to be stored in your trunk. Find a sunshade that folds into a small form factor if you don’t want to open your trunk every time you park your car in the sun.

5. How Do UV Blocking Sun Shades Even Work?

The best car shades out there that claim to give over 99% UV protection usually have three to four layers of ultraviolet and heat reflective materials used in them, sandwiched between two layers of high-grade polyester. This is how they achieve such high levels of UV reflectance.

6. How Do I Fold My Windshield Sunshade For Storage?

Windshield sunshades usually have two rings made up of a pliable material holding them up. This is very intuitive because it helps keep the entire sunshade up, and also allows it to be efficiently bent and stored away.

The first step is bending the entire windshield sunshade in half, lengthwise. The second step includes carefully twisting the product to make a figure of eight. The final step involves bending the ‘eight’ onto itself, thus making a small circle. Most sunshades come with a storage bag, simply throw the sunshade in there, and you are good to go.

A Few Points To Ensure That You Make The Most Of Your Product

  • In case you’re buying a sun shield for your baby, make sure you buy the best Car Windshield Sun Shade, one that completely blocks out all the light, and isn’t just translucent. This is because the perforated translucent ones allow most of the light to enter, and may hurt your baby’s eyes. Also, make sure you buy a sunshade that ensures proper protection from ultraviolet rays.
  • The best car sun shade for baby would be one that is completely opaque and has a reflective outer surface with a mirror-like finish.
  • Replace your sun shield every two to three years. Even the best sun shade for cars can lose their efficiency at blocking out UV rays. Over time, the damage your sunshade goes through will render it useless and ineffective at blocking out UV rays. This can eventually damage your car’s interior.
  • If you do end up buying a windshield sunshade, make sure you buy one that comes in two pieces. This is because you can also use these individual pieces as window shades, making them versatile and convenient to use. Having multiple shades for different parts of your car would just end up pointlessly taking up more space.
  • Buy a windshield sunshade that has an indentation for your car’s rear view mirror. This allows the sunshade to snuggly fit into the space between your car’s windshield and rear view mirror, making it a perfect fit, avoiding any weird wrinkles or bends.

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