ISSPRO Enhanced Visibility (EV) 3-Gauge Kits

We've put together complete three gauge kits for Ford Powerstroke owners.  This is an alternative to buying individual Gauges, gauge mount, and all of the hardware and sub-components yourself. Most suppliers require you to purchase all of the optional accessories separately if they offer them at all.  We at DieselManor believe that you shouldn't have to find out in the middle of your install that you don't have everything that you need, causing unwanted trips to the hardware store or an additional phone call to the distributor. Therefore we have put together complete kits for most popular applications.
 All gauge pods come in black ABS plastic.

Detailed Description

Gauge Kit Description: Price:
3-Gauge Kit - Pyro, Boost, and Trans Temp $ 327.95
'99-'04 3-Gauge Under Dash Mount (PN:AM-15018) -  $ 5.00
ISSPRO Weatherpack Connector Thermocouple & Leadwire upgrade $ 17.00

• Full A-Pillar or Dash Gauge Mount from Autometer/Gaugeworks. Please see our SpectraMatch™ paint section for a full list of factory matched spray paint designed specifically for painting gauge mounts.
• Your choice of gauge dial color - (images below).
• EV Pyrometer, 0-1500
°F scale with lead wire and matching Inconel Thermocouple, 1/8" NPT. Thermocouples are genuine ISSPRO - No off brand overseas substitutions.
• EV Boost gauge with your choice of 0-30, 0-40 or 0-60 PSI, with 10' Complete Tubing Kit. 

• EV Transmission Temp gauge with 100-280
°F scale. Comes with matched sending unit.
• All gauges will dim equally along with your factory instrument cluster. Gauges connect directly to your factory dimmer wire. All kits come with DieselManor wiring harness to simplify lighting connections to each gauge.

Gauge Style Options

Black Dial, Black Bezel, Red Pointer
Pyro: R3607TR
Boost 30#: R5613R
Boost 40#: R5653R
Boost 60#: R5623R
Trans: R5659R

 Backlighting Color - Green
  White Dial, Black Bezel, Red Pointer
Pyro: R3807GR
Boost 30#: R6813R
Boost 40#: R6853R
Boost 60#: R6823R
Trans: R6859R

 Backlighting Color - Turquoise
White Dial, Chrome Bezel, Blue Pointer
Pyro: R3707G
Boost 30#: R6713
Boost 40#: R6753
Boost 60#: R6723
Trans: R6759

 Backlighting Color - Blue
Thermocouple Options

Part #: R658SHT-8F (Ring Terminals) - The standard thermocouple with all kits is the R658SHT-8F. Both the leadwire and thermocouple have ring terminals. To make the connection you need to overlap one ring of the thermocouple over the matching ring terminal of the leadwire.  Then you insert a screw through both ring terminals and tighten a nut on the back side.  This is done for both leads (red and yellow) of the thermocouple. This thermocouple has an adjustable Hi-Temp Inconel tip, rated to 2000°F.  Adjusts to 1-5/8" and is supplied with a 1/8"NPT slip nut.  It requires you to drill and tap the exhaust manifold (tap and bit sold below if needed).

Part #: R658SHT-8F-PL (Weather Pack Connector) This upgradeable thermocouple is the same as above except it has a DELPHI Weather Pack connector. It simply plugs into the matching weather pack leadwire. This connector speeds up installation time, is fully weatherproof, and is unaffected by, dirt, chemicals, or vibration. Identical to the factory connectors under your hood already, Weather Pack connectors are used my most OEMs.  If you choose this option you will get a matching Weather Pack leadwire.


Here's What Else You Get:
A complementary assembly kit which includes:  Detailed Installation Instructions, T-Fitting kit to tie the boost line into the Map sensor line instead of drilling and tapping the intake Manifold (for 7.3L models), wiring harness for gauge backlighting, all necessary hook-up wire, crimps, connectors, snap grommets, fuse tap with fuse, and wire ties. 

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