Best Gun Magnets For Car 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Tom Schaffer
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November 18, 2020
1. Tacticon Halo
  • Mount any firearm anywhere
  • Scratch free with rubber coating
  • Fast installation
2. IronMount
  • Maximum magnetic grip
  • Easy mounting
  • Sleek intelligent design
  • Suit to all types of firearms
3. Lirisy
  • Strong and powerful
  • Deep concealment
  • Anti-scratch soft rubber
  • Quick installation

You never know when you'd run into a situation wherein you'd need your gun for self-defense, which is why interior car accessories like gun magnets make the storage and portability of guns easier. They’re perfect as they allow low-profile storage such as under tables or in-car glove boxes. They also have amazing flexibility as you can mount them on flat or curved surfaces, and even in corners.

There are so many different types of gun magnets available in the market with varied shapes, sizes, and strengths. So before you invest in one, you need to consider your gun type and other preferences carefully. For your convenience, here is a list of our top 10 picks of best gun magnet for car.

Top 10 Best Gun Magnets For Car 2021

1. Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet

Tacticon Halo Best Gun Magnets For Car

TACTICON is an established company that manufactures sturdy and well-built gun magnets. Their products are made of actual neodymium precious metal alloy and real rubber coating. The company boasts high-quality magnets that are superior to other cheap imitations like the ‘fridge strength’ magnets.

This particular product, Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet, holds up to 25 lbs. So this will hold any firearm, big or small. The product is small and very discreet so it can fit almost anywhere you can imagine. It is also incredibly lightweight and can be easily mounted in a vehicle. You can mount the product in your car in locations such as the glove box or under the steering wheel.

2 gun magnets will be provided with every order. One magnet is good enough to hold most pistols but 2 magnets are useful for long guns like a rifle, shotgun, etc. Another advantage with this product is the protective coating. The gun magnet has a rubber coating that will not scratch your firearm.

The strength of the magnets is solid and many customers have commended its powerful performance as well. The package includes an adhesive backing to make mounting super easy, even upside down. The installation process is simple and fast and hardware is also provided.

Overall, the performance, fit, and finish of the Tacticon Halo gun magnet is amazing. It is undoubtedly one of the best gun magnets for cars.


2. IronMount Gun Magnet Mount

IronMount Gun Magnet Mount

The IronMount magnet boasts high-quality magnets made of N52 Neodymium. It also boasts the capacity to hold any pistol available in the market at almost any location. It is a brilliant gun mount that encourages quick draw, and easy retrieval of handguns, rifles, and magazines.

It has an additional sticker attachment to prevent any scratching on your firearms. Its unique eight magnet setup offers a strong grip while also keeping your firearm straight. This product is highly versatile as it can mount any gun type and model in varied ways for quick access or storage.

Besides storing in a car or truck, you can use this product to store firearms in an office, wall, bedroom, garage, etc. The performance is brilliant and customers have said it holds very well even on bumpy roads. One con is that the adhesive on the back is not strong enough by itself, so the screws are necessary.

It is made of high grade 42 lbs rated rubber coating. So the magnetic grip is amazing and will firmly hold your firearms from accidental falls, movement, etc. Compatible brands with this product include Springfield, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt, Kel Tec, etc.

Overall, the product offers discreet storage, impressive strength, and a unique design. The installation process is a breeze as well. For sure, the IronMount magnet mount is one of the best gun magnets for cars.


3. Lirisy 2pcs Magnetic Under Desk

Lirisy 2pcs Magnetic Under Desk

LIRISY is a company that has been producing shooting, hunting, and other outdoor peripheral products in recent years. This specific product- the LIRISY 2PCS magnet offers a strong and incredibly powerful performance. It is equipped with 42 lbs capacity that will firmly hold your firearms and prevent any falls.

It is compatible with all types of firearms such as handguns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, CCWs, and magazines. It is made of soft premium rubber that allows quick and easy draw and release without scratching. The product is user-friendly and simple to handle.

The installation is made easy with screws provided in the package. Customers have expressed an incredible faith in the amazing performance of this product. The magnets are so strong that they will grab your gun right out of your hand. There is no slippage at all.

It comes with 16 screws and 8 drywall anchors that perfectly fit in any surface. This product is really durable and will be great for storage and quick access in your car. It’s very secure and will firmly hold your gun even on bumpy roads or rough terrain.

The LIRISY 2PCS magnet is an extremely versatile, high-quality firearm mount. You will be getting your money’s worth with this product. Compared to other gun markets out there, this is a truly valuable investment. Without a doubt, this is one of the best gun magnets for cars.


4. Travel Bus Gun Magnet Mount

Travel Bus Gun Magnet Mount

TRAVEL BUS is a company specializing in the production of lifestyle products and cute products for pets as well. This gun magnet is one of the best gun magnets for cars in the market. This is due to it having a great combination of characteristics that make users’ lives easier.

This gun magnet has a remarkably flexible design and structure, which makes it versatile. It not only allows flat surface installation but can also be set up easily on both uneven surfaces and cars. It can be bent forward by 10-15 degrees and can be bent backward by an impressive 0-90 degrees.

This gun magnet can be installed easily without the use of any screws. A perfect alternative is a 3M adhesive, which holds guns safely, with a strong firm grip. Hence, you won’t need to worry about any damage to your guns from undesirable accidents and dents.

The magnetic force of this gun magnet is impressive due to its three pieces of 43lbs N52 neodymium magnet. This is another important feature that makes it perfect for holding guns safely. It also has superior flexible silica gel, which gives ample protection from scraping and scratching. This ensures that this magnet will be long-lasting.

This gun magnet can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to hold revolvers, shotguns, rifles, pistols, etc in your cars, trucks, vaults, bedside cabinets, tables, etc. Also, if you do turn out to be dissatisfied with this product, you can always return it and get a 100% refund.

Without a doubt, this is indeed one of the best gun magnets for cars.


5. Lirisy 2pcs Gun Magnet

Lirisy 2pcs Gun Magnet

LIRISY is a company that is well-known for its high-quality items and tools like gun magnets, tool kits, waistband holster, etc. This product is one of the most innovative magnets in the market at the moment. Let us go through its features and its pros and cons to get a concise idea of its efficacy.

This gun magnet is known to have a strong magnetic pull. With this gun magnet, you’ll find yourself worrying less about your precious guns getting damaged. It can even hold heavy guns with relative ease, which is convenient for you, especially if you have many gun types.

This gun magnet makes it very easy for you to hide your guns from distrustful eyes or from your children. It can be hidden perfectly well under tables, chairs, safes, doors, etc. This feature is furthermore important to ensure the safety of your friends and loved ones from unforeseen accidents.

This gun magnet is made of premium soft rubber, which lets it stretch without scratches or damage. This also means that your gun and gun magnets will last for a longer time and still manage to look brand new.

This gun magnet is simple and hence, easy to use. Installation and set-up are made hassle-free and simple with the apt addition of screws and a visualized online user manual. If there are any issues that you face or want a replacement/refund, you can contact LIRISY and get a swift response within 24 hours.

This product truly deserves a spot in the list of the best gun magnets for cars, even though it does have minor flaws.


6. Gmw Gun Magnet

Gmw Gun Magnet

GMW has garnered a good reputation for its high-quality gun magnets. This gun magnet is a testament to its dedication to producing high-quality and innovative products. This gun magnet has an elaborate selection of great characteristics, which serve to ensure a seamless experience for users.

This gun magnet arrives wrapped in discrete black TPU casing, which provides your firearms protection from scratches and dents. To conceal your guns, this gun magnet has a War Door feature, which can be installed on any flat surface easily. Its ergonomic design allows you to safely hide your guns under safes, doors, walls, etc, to avoid unwanted accidents.

Their staunch commitment to making state-of-the-art gun magnets can be seen in the advanced features this gun magnet has. This gun magnet is sturdy, strong, and reliable. It has the capability of holding other items weighing a total of 30 pounds firmly. This means that there is a very small likelihood of your gun falling down and getting damaged.

Installation of this magnet is straightforward and unconfusing since there are two heavy-duty screws and double-sided adhesive tape. These also ensure that your installation will be safe and quick. This gun magnet is perfectly compatible with a variety of gun types.

GMW offers a limited one-year warranty service and offers swift customer service. Customer Service can be contacted via both email and social media. This ensures a swift response to any queries or issues customers face on a daily basis.

This is one of the best gun magnets for cars currently.


7. Rymmes Gun Magnet Mount Holder

Rymmes Gun Magnet Mount Holder

RYMMES is a well-known company that boasts of quality gun magnet mounts that offer powerful performance. Their products are carefully made with high-grade Neodymium magnets with modern design. Their gun magnet mounts are built for strength and durability.

This product, RYMMES gun magnet mount is a good example of the quality products the company strives to produce. It is equipped with a powerful magnet that can hold up to 45 lbs. It is definitely strong enough to hold your weapon, even if you’re driving over bumpy roads or potholes.

The magnetic force is incredible and due to its small size, it’s conveniently hidden almost anywhere. It additionally has a soft rubber coating that protects your firearms from any scratching and ensures they don’t get damaged. Along with the magnet, other things provided include 2-sided adhesive tape, screws and a manual sheet.

The Rymmes gun magnet is just perfect to hold lighter firearms such as pistols, handguns, magazines, and revolvers. But it can also hold heavier guns like rifles and shotguns by obtaining and installing two gun magnets next to each other. You can conceal weapons for quick access in the glove boxes, under the steering wheel or the bottom of the dash.

The product also has an aesthetically pleasing look so that’s a bonus. Overall, it is easily one of the best gun magnets for cars, promising high durability. So you’ll surely get maximum satisfaction and your money’s worth by investing in it.


8. Keeper MG Car Tac Gun Magnet

Keeper MG Car Tac Gun Magnet

KEEPER company boasts of amazing safety with their quality gun magnets that can hold your weapons securely even in tough conditions. With safety as their first priority, this company ensures that their magnets are made of unique high-tech materials. This particular product- the KEEPER MG car tac, is very well made for quick access and compatibility with any gun type.

It also has a high-quality rubber coating to prevent damage or scratches on your firearms. Going by positive customer feedback, this is a must-buy and one of the best gun magnets for cars. It has a beautiful compact design and an unassuming appearance that’s perfect for concealment.

The magnet is 35 lbs rated so it has a very strong magnetic technology. This easily ensures powerful performance that will hold any firearm without scuffing. Another pro is that it is compatible with most brands such as Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Kel Tec, Colt, etc.

It also has great compatibility with almost any firearm type. It can mount weapons such as revolvers, handguns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, magazines, etc. Happy customers have reviewed that the magnet strongly held through even when cars drove over rough terrains at high speeds.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a durable, great performance gun magnet, your search ends here. This is hands down a highly valuable product. You can trust this article and the many amazing customer reviews to guide your purchase.


9. MytypeMAG Gun Magnet Mount

MytypeMAG Gun Magnet Mount

This gun magnet mount is constructed with neodymium rare earth magnets and is 50 lbs rated. This ensures ridiculously amazing magnet strength that will firmly hold your firearms even in the toughest conditions. It can be easily used with all types of firearms such as rifles, handguns, revolvers, shotguns, and pistols.

This is a very well made product that works as advertised. It comes well-packaged, has a decent appearance and is complete with installation goodies. It comes with 8 specially customized screws - 4 long and 4 short screws.

You can easily mount your weapon in a preferred location inside the car with the screws or even adhesive tape. It supports usage with brands such as Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, Springfield, Kel Tec, Sig Sauer, etc. This product was designed to have a compact profile. So, it will be great for concealment purposes in your car.

Additionally, it has a rubber coating that will protect your firearms from scratches and damages. This gun magnet mount has a lot of good features but the most impressive is its magnetic strength.

This magnet has unparalleled strength and is very reliable. It is undoubtedly one of the best gun magnets for cars.


10. Allen Company Gun Magnet

Allen Company Gun Magnet

The Allen company is well-reputed for producing creative and discreet gun magnets. They also provide all the necessary equipment to mount, making the installation process convenient and easy for customers. With their products, you can easily store your handgun in your vehicle and quickly retrieve it at a moment’s notice.

The magnet is weatherproof and shockproof with rubber coating. This rubber coating also ensures that your firearm doesn’t get damaged or suffer scratches. It has good strength and reliability and holds up to 35 pounds.

It is compatible with handguns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, etc. Mounting hardware such as drywall anchors, screws, and 3M tape are provided in the package. This makes the already easy installation process even more simple and convenient.

This may not offer magnetic strength as impressive as magnets rated at 45 or 50 lbs. But it will get the job done decently. Many customers have also reported satisfaction with its performance so it’s a worthwhile investment.

To conclude, it is a decent product that will properly store your weapon. It offers good performance, and will safely protect your firearm without damaging or scratching it. It is safe to say that the Allen Company gun magnet is one of the best gun magnets for cars.


Factors To Note Before Buying Best Gun Magnet For Car

Gun magnets are crucial if you're a gun owner to safeguard your family and loved ones from harm. However, it becomes confusing and frustrating to browse through a huge selection of gun magnets that all seem to provide the same features. It becomes furthermore important to be aware of all the minute differences to make the best purchasing decision.

Here are some features, among many others, that are necessary in a gun magnet.

1. Magnetic Force

The magnetic force of the gun magnet is quite important to ensure that your guns are held firmly. If it's weak, the guns run the risk of falling down and getting damaged or dented. If the pull is strong enough, your guns will be safe from any unwanted damage.

Therefore, it is necessary to see how strong the magnetic force is and what materials the magnet is made up of. This will give you a concise idea of what you can expect from this product.

2. Easy Installation

If installation and setting up procedures are tough, your gun magnet runs the risk of falling prey to many problems. Hence, for easy installation, you need to find out if user manuals and technical support are provided. The addition of screws can be important too.


Finding the right gun magnet can be made easier by keeping the above mentioned factors as parameters and doing your own research as well. Using these, you can narrow down your options and choose the right one easily. Make the decision wisely as after all, it's a good investment to keep your guns and loved ones safe.

FAQs on Gun Magnets for Cars

1. Are Magnets Safe For Guns?

Magnets are perfectly safe for guns as the magnetic force isn't strong enough to penetrate a gun. Rather, magnets keep your guns safe from damage by holding it firmly and thus preventing dangerous accidents.

2. Are Car Magnets Safe For Cars?

Car magnets are safe for cars and there has been no research proving otherwise. Rather, they protect that covered portion from UV exposure and fading. However, it's recommended by experts to remove the gun regularly as cars are often exposed to the sun.

3. Can A Magnet Set Off A Bullet?

No, a magnet can't set off a bullet. It is simply due to the reason that bullets aren't affected by magnetic fields.

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