Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Car Seat Review: Is This What Your Tall Child Needs?

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February 17, 2021

There certainly isn’t a lack of convertible car seats in the market. Yet, the models are so similar to one another that it’s hard to find one that truly stands out and offers the safety and comfort your child should have. 


For some reason, even the weight and height limit of all these car seats seem to be the same. This poses problems for parents who have slightly heavier or taller children who still need safe car seats. After all, they might be taller, but they are still little children. 


This is where the Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 convertible car seat comes in. While this convertible isn’t made for newborns, it is suitable for slightly older children. The weight range is 14 pounds to 85 pounds. Most convertible hits the 65 pounds mark at most. It also isn’t similar to the all-in-one convertible you are used to. However, if your child’s safety is your main goal, you might find this to be the perfect match for your car. 


Well, let’s take a look at the Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 review to understand what is better or not good enough compared to other interior accessories

The Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Review

From one of the most popular European car seat brands which has been steadily gaining popularity in America, Maxi Cosi’s Pria 85 is initially back facing. As your child grows, you can adjust the car seat to face forward. 


Compared to the already existing convertibles in the market, this has a clear bigger weight capacity and height limit. This means that children who are particularly tall for their age can use this car seat for safety. It is also suitable for parents who want their child to use car seats centered around their safety for a longer period than what is considered conventional. After all, there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your children, no matter how old they get. 


The harness is another high point of the convertible car seat. You can adjust it with ease, and it doesn’t require any rethreading. The fabric and padding are incredibly soft and will feel smooth against your child’s skin. The most premium quality materials are used for those, so that’s a given. 


Surprisingly enough, despite having better weight and height limits, the car seat itself isn’t heavier than its counterparts in the market. Cleaning it is incredibly easy. If you are a new parent using a convertible car seat for the first time, you shouldn’t face any problem learning how to use it. 


The weight limit is a whopping 85 pounds. That’s a far cry from the usual 65 pounds. The height limit is at 52 inches, which is more than anyone could ever hope. In fact, it might never come to that your child has reached 52 inches in height, and they are still sitting on the convertible car seat. 

How Long Can This Car Seat Be Used?

The Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 can be used for a long, long time. Ideally, your child would have to reach 52 inches in height before the car seat is no longer useful. Your child might not need any kind of safety protection with the car seat way before that. 


When the car seat is rear-facing, the height limit is actually 40 inches. Once your child reaches that height, it’s after that you would have to keep it in forward-facing mode. 


Also, in the case of rear-facing, the child would have to reach 40 pounds before it can’t be kept rear-facing anymore. Once it reached the 40 pounds mark, the car seat should face forward. The lowest weight limit in the rear-facing mode is 14 pounds. 


In forward-facing mode, the highest weight limit is 85 pounds. The lowest is 22 pounds. 

How Easy Is It To Install?

The car seat should come with a manual. The installation process is startlingly simple. The weight of the car seat is about 19.84 pounds. The width happens to be at 20.8 inches. You should not face any problem fitting it inside your car, even if your car does not have much space. 


The harness is also adjustable. There are about 5 points that the car seat can be adjusted to. You can also easily remove the seat covers and wash them to keep them clean. 

Does It Meet Safety Standards?

In general, all car seats approved in the states should meet the safety standards set by the federal government and exceed it if possible. The Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 safety rating is no different. There is no doubt as to whether it is safe or not. 


So, what can you focus on other than primary safety? Well, according to NHTSA, it is secure enough even to be faced forward. For one, it has impact protection on the sides. There is no metal frame on the car seat which can protect your kid from potential injury from the car seat itself in case of impact. The base isn’t energy-absorbing either. 


There are some problems, though. There is no clear labeling on the latch or tether storage. The latch attachment also comes with buttons. To remove the latch, you have to press those buttons. 


Is It Easy To Use?

Yes, for the most part, it is easy to use. There is the matter of winding the seat or the latch belt using the belt path. It might be uncomfortable to do for those who have large hands. Other than that, it has the LATCH system, which makes it easy to get the hang off. 


You can install seat belts on the convertible. The harness system also doesn’t have to be rethreaded. 

What About Comfort?

We have already talked about how nice the premium quality fabrics feel. The seat fabric lets your child sink into it with ease. The padding is excellent and done properly to ensure the maximum comfort level. The model also comes with an infant pillow. For any parents with infants, that’s a worthy investment to have when it comes to car seats. 

Who Is The Maxi-Cosi 85 Pria Car Seat For?

The Maxi-Cosi 85 car seat is for parents who worry a bit too much about their child. It is also for children who might be way bigger and taller than their age would usually dictate.. However, when you haven’t reached bigger babies’ mentality but have the weight for it, it simply isn’t an option. And those are precisely the kind of kids this convertible car seat provides safety too. 


Car seats are long term investments. The weight and height limit of Pria 85  is so good that even when your child, who is quite big in their age, can use it. You can provide them with safety and comfort for as long as they need it. 


This is also perfect for parents whose babies are reaching from newborn status to toddler status. Most newborn car seats are great, but children grow up fast. It doesn’t take long before they have passed the weight of newborn car seats but aren’t old enough for regular car seats. The Pria 85 lets your child enjoy being a child for a long period while making sure their trips in your car are safe and filled with ease and laughter. 


Well, it is wrong to say car seats for older babies aren’t there. However, those are all in one system, which can be incredibly heavy. Pria 85 is lightweight while being equally useful. 




Higher weight capacity than most car seat convertible The Durability isn’t the best
The seat itself is lightweight Not an all-in-one car seat convertible
Fabric and padding are all of the highest quality
The headset and harness can be adjusted as per wish and with ease
Cleaning it is very easy and painless
There is a harness holder that ensures the harness isn’t obstructing you when you are putting your child in the car seat
Approved By FAA


Final Thoughts

As far as Maxi Cosi Pria 85 safety rating goes, it is certainly at the very top. The convertible will protect your babies if they are particularly tall or weight more compared to children of their age range. Or, protect your child even as they get older if you don't feel comfortable letting them seat in regular car seats yet by the usual standard of age for most children. Your child will always be comfortable in this model. 


It is easy to clean, considering children are quite likely to dirty it without meaning to. The premium padding is another point in its favor. It’s also quite affordable, considering how long it is meant to last. 


So, if you have a tall baby or simply want your child to use convertible car seats longer for their safety, the Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 is the obvious choice. 

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