The 2021 Review Of Safety 1st Guide 65: Is It Lightweight?

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November 26, 2020

Parents, especially the new ones who have to go out a lot and can’t help but have to take their kids with them, are always on the search for safe convertible car seats. Mostly, they want the car seat to be able to carry their child while it is faced backward for a long period of time. And then, when the child is old enough to face forward, it should be able to carry the kid until they are 65 pounds at least.

Sadly, while most car seats fulfill these wishes, they tend to be on the big and bulky side. They end up occupying a lot of space in your car. 

This is where Safety 1st guide 65 convertible car seats come in. Like most models, the car seats have a capacity of carrying 65 pounds. Yet, when it comes to width, it is 18.5 inches. 

In the backseat of any car, no matter how small, it should leave enough space for the back to have 3 people fit in. Naturally, you can save a lot of space while using an affordable convertible. 

The Safety 1st Guide 65 Review

One of the first things one notices about Safety 1st Guide is how affordable it is. Considering the features, the price range is extremely attractive. Especially for new parents trying out convertibles for their kids for the first time, the price makes it much more approachable and less difficult a choice. If we consider the lifespan of this car convertible seat, it is honestly a miracle. 

It is also a compact model. It doesn’t weigh much, but it is capable of taking on children that are at least 65 pounds with ease. It also comes with side impact protection. For any parents concerned with the absolute safety of their child, nothing screams safety than an impact protection mechanism. 

There is also the harness adjustment system, which is a five-point upfront one. The headrest can also be adjusted so that your child feels more at ease sitting in the convertible. 

An extra bonus feature would be the cup holder. The convertible car seat comes with a cup holder that you can actually remove if you wish to do so. Otherwise, you can keep your child’s water bottle or milk bottle there. 

For newborns, it also has body pillows. These are removable ones, and as time passes and your child grows up, you can take out the pillow. Till then, the cushions will give your baby added comfort. 

When it comes to the wideness of the seats, these are particularly slender. If you have more than one child, you can install at least three of these convertibles in the back. 

Let’s do a Safety 1st Guide 65 review in more detail to understand whether this conversion;e car seat is the one you want for your child. 

How Easy is it to Install?

The Guide 65 isn’t the easiest as far as the installation process is concerned. Some customers seem to face problems with figuring out exactly how to fit it inside the vehicles. However, most admit that once they have installed it, everything else works out smoothly. 

The convertible itself is about 15 pounds. In width, it stands at about 18.5 inches. So, not much space is used up, and it can be called lightweight. 

The most problem customers face seems to be the result of the harness system. As it is a non-rethreading one, some find it quite hard to adjust. On the other hand, you can easily wash the seat cover. You can also wash it in the washing machine and not worry about it getting damaged. 

What is the Safety Level?

For one, the frame isn’t metal. This is quite important since metal frames can accidentally harm your child instead of giving them the required security one desires of these convertible car seats. 

It also comes with side impact protection. So, in the case of something like a fender bender, your child will be protected even from the sides. The base is also an energy-absorbing one. It comes with an energy-absorbing foam, which is definitely a point for this convertible car seat. 

What is the LifeSpan of the Convertible?

The lifespan of the Safety 1st Guide 65 is estimated to be about 10 years, at the very least, starting from the time your child is a newborn. In rear-facing mode, the car seat can carry up to 40 pounds. In height, it can take a child about 40 inches. 

In the forward-facing mode, a child of 52 inches can easily sit in it. The weight capacity of the convertible is 65 pounds. The starting point for weight capacity on both rear-facing and forward-facing mode of the convertible stands to about 5 pounds. 

How Easy is it to Use?

As far as ease of use is concerned, you will find the Guide 65 to be one of the easiest ones to use in the market. The only thing that offers any hitch is the harness system, which, though a 5 point system one, is unfortunately non rethreaded. 

It comes with the LATCH system, which is something most prefer for convertibles. There are also seat belt installations, which is another must for safety. 

What is the Comfort Level? 

The padding is good for the most part. It is padded enough for your child to feel comfortable in it, though the seat isn’t too soft. It is especially well padded around the headrest. 

The infant pillow is another plus point since it definitely helps upgrade the comfort level of the car seat. The seat fabric also feels good to the touch and something your child can easily relax in. 

Who is the Safety 1st Guide 65 Made for? 

Who is the Safety 1st Guide 65 made for? Well, it is made for children who need the safety of convertible car seats. It is for children who will grow up to 65 pounds and after that, can use regular car seats. 

It is also for parents who want to provide protection for their children. It is for new parents who don’t understand much about car seats but want to provide something safe enough for their child. 

Due to how compact the convertible car seat is, it is quite suitable for parents who have quite a few children. For parents who might have to install more than one convertible to keep all their children safe, the Safety 1st Guide 65 will allow them to install three. 

It is also for parents who have a particularly small car and don’t have enough space left after they install a convertible car seat of the regular size. The Guide 65 will allow them to still have room in the back for people to sit normally. 

Now, this isn’t the most expensive, convenient car seat with exciting features out there. In fact, the harness is non-rethreading, and it doesn’t even recline. The installation process can’t be dubbed easy either. 

What it does have going for it is how affordable it is. It does the main job well, and for that, it can be called functional. It gives your child the protection they need. It is padded as much as it should be, and it has the needed impact protection mechanism. 

It is also quite light, which makes it portable. That means you can even take the convertible car seat on an airplane. 

So, if your main problem is the cost or that you don’t have enough space in the back of your car, Safety 1st Guide 65 appears to be the obvious choice. It is also for those who need a lightweight car seat. It is made for parents who need the car seat to be just good enough but not so much that they can’t even afford it. 


Pros Cons
It’s so thin in width that in a lot of vehicles, one can fit 3 convertibles Installation process is a little hard
Approved by the FAA Doesn’t have an NHTSA rating, which would have made it further reliable
Impact protection from the side is provided The harness system isn’t non-rethreading
The headrest is adjustable
There is a harness adjustment system which is upfront so that the fit is fast and accurate
Good life span


Final Thoughts

The best way to describe Safety 1st Guide 65 is that it is compact. The compactness extends to how light it is. Not to mention it is in the affordable range for most customers. 

Despite being able to carry children of 65 pounds or children who have grown up to become 52 inches tall, it continues to be lightweight. You can also easily install it and carry it anywhere. It is so thin that three of them can be installed in the backseat of any car. 

So, for parents who are looking for a convenient convertible car seat that provides safety for their children, this is it. 

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