ISSPRO Turbo Temp Monitor

Pre-mature switching off of diesel engines in cars can affect the turbocharges. This is where the ISSPRO Turbo Temp monitor becomes useful. The R4130 idles till a safe temperature is reached and then automatically shuts down the engine. Due to the delayed shut down at ideal temperature levels, the turbo life is less affected. The benchmark shutdown temperature is 300° F and the perating voltage is 12 VDC. For installation, the existing pyrometer system can be used or order complete kit below. The TTM is Field adjustable: the temperature setpoint can be adjusted by removing the cover and rotating the trimmer.

  • Shuts down engine at the correct temperature every time to protect the turbocharger.
  • No timer to adjust at every shutdown.
  • Does not waste fuel like turbo timers.
  • Only 5 connections to required for installation (lamp indicator is optional).
  • Adjustable shutdown temperature via enclosed trimmer screw.
  • Easily mounted behind dash (Size: 3 1/2"L x 3"H x 1 3/4"D)
  • Can be installed with a power switch to make system inoperable if desired.

Installation requires just 5 connections (lamp indicator optional):

1 2 3 4 5 6


1: Ignition Switch: Keeps engine running. (16AWG wire recommended)

2: Batt : 12VDC A switch can be inserted in this lead to defeat the TTM.

3: Lamp: an optional indicator lamp can be used to display temperatures above the safe limit when the ignition switch is turned off.

4: GND: Ground

5: T/C-: The thermocouple (-) lead. Usually red lead wire.

6: T/C : The thermocouple ( ) lead. Usually yellow lead wire.

NOTE: Recommended thermocouple location is post turbo (exhaust down-pipe). If your existing pyrometer thermocouple is pre-turbo (exhaust manifold or up-pipe) we recommend that you purchase one of the kits below. If you already have a Pyrometer, we recommend that you give us a call to verify that it will be suitable for use with the TTM. If your downpipe already has a 1/8"NPT threaded bushing installed you can use the R4130-AT kit and change the thread size on the thermocouple by purchasing an adapter fitting, part number R683.The ISSPRO TTM will not work with the BD XMonitor. 

ISSPRO TTM vs. Turbo Timers

The ISSPRO Turbo Temp Monitor is not a turbo timer. When activated, turbo timers will keep an engine running at a predetermined rate of time, usually an incorrect amount of time. Most Turbo Timers allow for the user to adjust the amount of time that they run, but most drivers don't know how long that time should be even if there is a Pyrometer gauge in the truck. Usually, turbo timers allow for shut downtimes in 1-minute increments. This means 0, 1, 2, 3 minutes, and so on. This does not allow for the flexibility required for most shutdown situations (less than 1 minute).  

Example 1: By the time you pull into a parking lot at the local grocery store, the temperature at the turbocharger may be as low as 325°F. When the ignition is shut off, the ISSPRO TTM will keep the engine running the correct amount of time before shutting down. In this case it's merely seconds. Sometimes the turbo may be cool enough that the TTM will not even activate at all. With a turbo timer, more than likely the engine will be kept running too long, wasting fuel. Even with turbo timers that allow for finite (second) adjustments, how is the driver to know what's the correct amount of time?  

Example 2: Lets say the ambient temperature is 90° outside. You're towing a heavy trailer up a moderate grade on the highway for a duration of a few minutes. At the top of the hill you decide you need to pull into a rest area. How long should you set a turbo timer to run for? Good question. The time could be up to several minutes. With the ISSPRO TTM you don't need to worry. It will shut the engine down at the right temperature every time.

The ISSPRO TTM does not operate like a self-powered thermocouple gauge. The TTM has its own separate power source. Self-powered pyrometer gauges make their energy when the thermocouple heats up. Examples are: Banks, Westach, Western Diesel, and old series DiPricol pyrometers. These gauges can sometimes be inaccurate, as underhood temperatures can effect the reading at the gauge. The ISSPRO TTM operates just like the ISSPRO Enhanced Visibility series of gauges. They are accurate and under the hood temperatures are not a concern.

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